Female Dragon names are ferocious, cool, and sound mysterious. Here are the best Female Dragon names currently available, gotten from movies, poems, plays, and fiction from all around the world.

These mystical, magical animals have inspired us for millennia, and they are the stuff of tradition and legend. You may be familiar with these mysterious creatures if you like games like Dungeons & Dragons. Dragons have been depicted in several myths and legends.

You’ll adore this list of female dragon names if you’re looking for a name for your child, for Halloween, characters, or even for fun!

A dragon is a mythical monster that occurs in the mythology of many civilizations throughout the world. Dragons in western cultures have been shown as winged, horned, four-legged, and capable of breathing fire since the High Middle Ages, although beliefs regarding dragons vary greatly by area.

Here are comprehensive lists of the best Female Dragon Names, Top Female Dragon Names, Hot Female Dragon Names, and trending Female Dragon Names!

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The Best Female Dragon Names

110+ Top Female Dragon Names and Their Meaning

Best Female Dragon Names

Top list of the best Female dragon Names you can use!

  • Adalinda – Old High German. Dragon princess. We love the fiery yet feminine feel this name has.
  • Anastasia – Greek. Resurrection. A Dragonborn name from Dungeons & Dragons.
  • Belinda – German. Bright serpent.
  • Chumana – Native American/Hopi. Snake maiden.
  • Chusi – Native American/Hopi. Snake flower.
  • Dalinda – English. Noble serpent.
  • Hydra – Greek. The 100-headed water dragon that Hercules slays.
  • Kaida – Japanese. Little dragon.
  • Kaliyah – Hindi. Killer of the multi-headed serpent.
  • Kayda – Japanese. Looks like a little dragon.
  • Khaleesi – Fictional name. This name is from the hit series Game of Thrones. Khaleesi means Mother of Dragons.
  • Malinda – English. Black or dark serpent.
  • Medus – Latin. The Gorgon who had snakes instead of hair. She was known for her beauty until she was cursed.
  • Melusine – German. A freshwater spirit who appeared as a serpent from the waist down.
  • Names That Mean “Dragon”
  • Ryoko – Japanese. This name means she who is like a dragon.
  • Tanis – Greek. Serpent lady.
  • These names are all related to dragons. They might actually mean “dragon.” Or they might relate to breathing fire. After all, fire-breathing is the thing dragons are most known for, right?
  • Tiamat – Babylonian. Tiamat was a dragon goddess who would create chaos.
  • Vyara – Bulgarian. Faith or belief.
  • Wyvern – Anglo-Saxon. A wyvern is a two-legged or bipedal dragon famous in European folklore.
  • Zafira – Arabic. Success. A Dragonborn name from Dungeons & Dragons.

Dragons are one of the most well-known and enduring legendary creatures in the world.

Dragon stories may be found throughout the world, from the Americas to Europe, and from India to China. They have a long and illustrious history, and they continue to appear in our literature, films, and television series in many ways.

It’s unclear when or when dragon myths initially appeared, but the massive, flying serpents have been recounted since the time of the ancient Greeks and Sumerians. For a long time, dragons were supposed to be much like any other mythological creature: sometimes helpful and protective, and other times malevolent and dangerous.


List of Unique Female Dragon Names

110+ Top Female Dragon Names and Their Meaning

If you want a list of unique Female Dragon Names that are special and rare to others, then this list is for you! The names here are rare, so whichever you pick, there is a high chance it will belong to only you! Here is a list of the most Unique Female Dragon Names!

  • Adalinda – the noble serpent. Its variants include Adelind, Adelinda, Adelinde, Adelonda, Dalinda, and Aethelinda.
  • Amelinda – the work serpent or weak worker.
  • Annabelinda – English compound name derived from the Latin Anna, meaning favor or grace, and German Belinda, which is a beautiful serpent.
  • Belinda – the bright serpent or bright linden tree. Its variants include Bellinda, Belynda, and Bindy.
  • Blaze – fire breather.
  • Blizzard – snowstorm. Chilalea – snowbird.
  • Brantley – one of the famous fire dragon names.
  • Chance – luck or fortune. Aidan – little fire.
  • Chumana – a snake maiden.
  • Chusi/ Coaxoch – a snake flower. Hydra – a Greek name derived from the word hydor, which means water. According to myths, it refers to the many-headed water dragon that was killed by Hercules.
  • Daenerys – lady of light. Eisdrachen – ice dragon in German.
  • Drake – one who has the power of snake and dragon.
  • Eirwen – blessed snow.
  • Etoirir – champion of the blue.
  • Frostine – ice queen.
  • Gender-neutral dragon names include:
  • Kaida – little dragon.
  • Linda – an English name, derived from a Germanic Lindi, which means serpent. Its variants are Lindy, Linnie, Lynda, or Lyndi.
  • Lodsmok – ice dragon in Polish.
  • Malinda – variant spelling of English Melinda, or Mindy, meaning either black/dark or sweet serpent.
  • Medousa – guardian. It refers to one of the three Gorgons who had snakes for hair and whose glance turned anyone who looked at them to stone.
  • Melusine – wonder or sea-fog. Shuman – the rattlesnake handler. Tanis – originates from the Greek form of Phoenician
  • Pachua – feathered water snake.
  • Ryoko – excellent child. Arrow – dragon slayer.
  • Tanit – comes from the Phoenician myth name of the goddess of love, the moon, and the stars. Tiamat – comes from Sumerian elements ti “life,” and ama “mother,” which means mother of life.
  • Tanith, which means the serpent lady.
  • Tatsuya – the sign of the dragon.
  • Xiuhcoatl – fire serpent or the weapon of destruction.

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List of Fictional & Famous Female Dragon Names

110+ Top Female Dragon Names and Their Meaning

These female dragon names are for imaginary creatures that are well-known and adored across the world.
The names of dragons are violent, vicious, and fearsome. Let’s have a list of the top famous dragon Names, which we can regularly find in plays and movies.

  • Abeloth – the bringer of chaos.
  • Adalinda — Meaning “noble serpent.”
  • Aine — Meaning “fire” and “splendor.”
  • Alina — Meaning “bearer of light.”
  • Apep — Egyptian meaning “to slither.” According to myths, he is the evil giant snake or serpent dragon that was the enemy of the sun god.
  • Archion – a chief magistrate in ancient Athens.
  • Arya – Persian. Female. Friend or faithful. Arya is the princess in the book Eragon.
  • Bazzoit – the gifted.
  • Brenna — Celtic meaning “blazing light.”
  • Chumana — Native American meaning “snake maiden.”
  • Chusi — From Hopi meaning “dragon flower.”
  • Daenerys – Fictional name. Female. This name is from the series Game of Thrones. Daenerys is the Mother of Dragons.
  • Edna — Hebrew meaning “fiery red.”
  • Eragon – Fictional name. Eragon is the protagonist in the book of the same name about a teenager who finds a dragon egg.
  • Frerryry – the powerful one.
  • Glaurung — Originates from Tolkien’s Middle-Earth. It is the name used to describe a wingless, fire-breathing, trickster dragon, also known as “The Deceiver” and “Father of Dragons.” According to legend, Túrin slew him.
  • Haku – Japanese. Master or overlord. Haku is the name of the river guardian who also takes the form of a dragon in the anime film Spirited Away.
  • Hydra — Greek meaning “many-headed dragon.”
  • Iormungand — Originates from the Old Norse Jörmungandr, which means, “giant pole.” This is the name of the Midgard Serpent/World Serpent, which lives beneath the earth below the ocean.
  • Jergintarth – the fire starter.
  • Kaida — Japanese origin meaning “little dragon.”
  • Kaliyah — Hindi meaning “killer of the multi-headed dragon.”
  • Kayda — Japanese meaning “looks like a dragon.”
  • Khaleesi — Dothraki meaning “Mother of Dragons.”
  • Maleficent – Latin/English. Female. Harmful or evil. Maleficent is the evil sorceress who turns herself into a dragon in Disney’s Sleeping Beauty.
  • Malinda — Old Greek meaning “sweet serpent.”
  • Mindy — Meaning “dark serpent.”
  • Nuri — From Hebrew meaning “my fire.”
  • Reombarth – the quiet. Blaze – fire.
  • Rex – king. Cedric – bounty.
  • Ryoko — From Japanese meaning “she who is like a dragon.”
  • Saphira – English. Saphira is a take on the name Sapphire which means blue gemstone. She is a central character in Eragon.
  • Scylla — From Greek meaning “dragon monster.”
  • Starblaze – a comet.
  • Tanwen — From Welsh meaning “white fire.”
  • Thorn – Old English. Thorn brush. Thorn is a dragon from the series Dragonvale World.
  • Unniass – the powerful one.
  • Uwibami — From Japanese meaning “giant snake.”
  • Wyvern — Anglo-French origin meaning “dragon.”
  • Xiuhcoatl — “Fire Serpent” in the Aztec religion.
  • Zysyss – the eternal one.

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Top Gender-Neutral Dragon Names

110+ Top Female Dragon Names and Their Meaning

Here are some Top Gender-Neutral Dragon Names all for you! these names can be used for both male and female, in any aspect you wish to use it on, be it naming or as a character.

  • Arrow – English. A projectile from a bow. Dragon slayer arrows are potent tools in the video game Dark Souls.
  • Azar – Hebrew. Flame.
  • Blaze – Latin. Fire.
  • Boruta – Polish. To fight. The Boruta are from Slavic mythology and were said to protect the animals and the plants of the forest. When Christianity came to Eastern Europe, the Boruta were named demons.
  • Brande – Czech. This unisex name means a dweller of a burned clearing.
  • Chance – English. Good fortune.
  • Danbala – Haitian. Sky god.
  • Devlin – Irish. Unlucky. Traditionally on lists for baby boy names, we think this one could work for a baby girl too.
  • Ember – French. Spark. Burning low.
  • Iseul – Korean. Morning dew or morning born.
  • Kenna – English. Born of fire.
  • Kirin – Sanskrit. Ray of light.
  • Knucker – Old English. This name is used in Beowulf to describe a water dragon. Knucker is probably not a name we’ll see trending on any lists, but we think it could be cute for boys and girls (or maybe the pet dog!).
  • Orochi – Japanese. An eight-headed serpent from Japanese lore.
  • Pachua – Native American/Hopi. This name means feathered water snake.
  • Scylla – Greek. A mythological sea serpent.
  • Shenron – Japanese. Dragon god. A character from Dragon Ball.
  • Sol – Spanish. Sun. The perfect name for a fire-breathing baby!
  • Syrax – Irish. A dragon from the book Of Ice and Fire.
  • Valryon – Latin. Strength and health. A dragon once owned by the Targaryen family in Game of Thrones.

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Cool Male Dragon Names and their Meaning

110+ Top Female Dragon Names and Their Meaning

need a male dragon name that sounds cool? Then you are on the right list! Here is our list of cool male dragon names and their meanings.

  • Aiden — From Irish meaning “little fire.”
  • Apalala — From Hindi meaning “water dragon.”
  • Apalala – Hindi. Apalala is the water dragon from Buddhist mythology.
  • Apep – Egyptian. The name of a giant evil serpent. Apep means to slither.
  • Attor – Old English. Poison or venom.
  • Belindo — German eaning “dragon.”
  • Brantley — German meaning “fire.”
  • Brenton — Meaning “fire” and “flame.”
  • Cadmus — Greek meaning “dragon teeth.”
  • Cadmus – Greek. Dragon teeth.
  • Chua – Native American/Hopi. Snake.
  • Draco, Drake — Greek meaning “dragon.”
  • Dracul — Romanian meaning “dragon” or “the Devil.”
  • Dracul – Romanian. Dragon or devil.
  • Drago – Italian. A version of the Latin name Draco for dragon.
  • Drake — English meaning “dragon.”
  • Drake – English. Dragon.
  • Ehecatl — “Wind Serpent” in the Aztec religion.
  • Fafnir — Based on the story of a dwarf who turned into a dragon.
  • Fraener – Old Norse. The story goes, he was a dwarf who was turned into a dragon.
  • George – Greek. The name George means farmer. But Saint George is known in British history as a legendary knight who slew dragons.
  • Kai — Scottish meaning “fire.”
  • Ladon — Greek meaning. Named after a river god and 100-headed dragon.
  • Longwei – Chinese. Dragon greatness.
  • Longwei — From Chinese meaning “dragon greatness.”
  • Nithe — Old Norse meaning “dragon” and “serpent.”
  • Nithe – Old Norse. Dragon or serpent.
  • Ormr — Meaning “dragon,” “serpent,” or “snake.”
  • Ormr – Old Norse. Dragon, serpent, or snake.
  • Pendragon — Celtic meaning “chief dragon.”
  • Quetzalcoatl – Aztec. Feathered serpent. He was one of the Aztec sky gods.
  • Ryuu – Japanese. Dragon.
  • Shesha – Sanskrit. King of the serpents.
  • Slayer – English. One who kills. We often think of knights who valiantly slay dragons.
  • Tatsuya – Japanese. Tatsuya means the accomplished one, and the name is linked to the Japanese sign of the dragon.
  • Tatsuya — Refers to the Japanese sign of the dragon.
  • Tyson — Meaning “fiery-tempered.”
  • Veles – Slavic. The god of the underworld as well as dragons and trickery. He often appeared in a serpent form.
  • Viper – Latin. King of snakes.

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Best Unique Male Dragon Names

110+ Top Female Dragon Names and Their Meaning
  • Arman – Arabic. Male. The ultimate goal or greatest desire. Arman is a human/dragon character from the film He’s a Dragon.
  • Arman — He’s A Dragon
  • Blue Eyes White Dragon — Yu-Gi-Oh!
  • Dagahra — Rebirth of Mothra II
  • Darksmoke — Adventures of a Teenage Dragon Slayer
  • Diaval – English/Irish. Male. Devil. The name is used in the Disney film Maleficent.
  • Diaval — Maleficent
  • Draco – Greek. Male. Dragon. Draco Malfoy is the boy we love to hate in the Harry Potter Series.
  • Dragonite — Pokémon
  • Eborsisk — Willow
  • Elliot – English. Male. The Lord is my God. Elliot is a variation of the Hebrew name Elijah. Elliot is the delightful dragon in the classic Disney film Pete’s Dragon.
  • Ending Story, he is considered the dragon of luck.
  • Errol — Guards! Guards! by Terry Pratchett
  • Errol – Scottish. Male. Wandering. Errol is a swamp dragon in the book Guards! Guards!
  • Eustace – Greek. Male. Fruitful or productive. Eustace was a dragon from the Chronicles of Narnia series.
  • Eustace Scrubb — The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader
  • Falkor – Norse. Male. Guardian of the people. Falkor is the dragon from the classic movie The Never
  • Falkor — The Neverending Story
  • Figment – Latin. Male. Imagination. Figment is the mischievous purple dragon who has become a mascot for Epcot at Disney World in Florida.
  • Firnen — Inheritance by Christopher Paolini
  • Ghidorah — Ghidorah, The Three-headed Monster
  • Haku — Spirited Away
  • Katla — The Brothers Lionheart by Astrid Lindgren
  • Ladon – Greek. Male. Ladon was the hydra or the one-hundred-headed dragon in Greek mythology.
  • Leviathan — Found in the Bible
  • Lockheed — The Uncanny X-Men #166.
  • Maleficent — Sleeping Beauty & Maleficent.
  • Mushu – Chinese. Male. Fearless, loyal, and intelligent. Mushu is the name of the dragon sidekick in
  • Mushu — Mulan.
  • Pendragon – English. Male. Pendragon comes from the Arthurian legend tales. It means head dragon or chief dragon.
  • Rhaegal — A Song Of Ice And Fire by George R.R. Martin.
  • Rhaegal – Fictional name. Male. Rhaegal is a dragon from the series Game of Thrones.
  • Shenron — Dragon Ball.
  • Smaug — The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien.
  • Thorn — Eldest by Christopher Paolini.
  • Toothless — How to Train Your Dragon.
  • Uruloki — Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien.
  • Viserion — Game of Thrones.
  • Vritra – Hindu. Male. Vritra is a dragon demon that is the personification of drought and adversary.


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