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16 year old JHS student Prosper will go blind if his appeal for help doesn’t receive support

Pain and grief are part of life. They’re part of love. And no part of love just gets dismissed like it was nothing.

If you’re in pain, I bet a lot of well-meaning people in your life have encouraged you to move forward, turn away from the pain, make a new start.

These things are not helpful. I know people mean well, but there are things in life that need acknowledgment, not repair. There are some things that can’t be fixed. They can only be carried.

Living alongside grief, caring for yourself inside grief – those are the real challenges to your heart and mind. Instead of talking about how to get out of grief, we need to be in here with grief. Not turn away.

The family and parent of a 16 year old, Prosper Datsormor who are in pain due to their son’s condition are appealing to the general public for support to help save their Son’s second eye from going blind.

Prosper is a three pupil of Ave-Dzalele D/A JHS preparing for his final year exams (BECE) and a native of Ave-Dzalele in the Volta region.

He is also a talented footballer .

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