Your wife is your soulmate and since you are her partner for life it’s a good idea to ensure your relationship is a happy one.

A healthy and happy marriage begins with a strong marriage. Be a game-changer by loving your family well, starting with your wife.

Everyone has different ways of receiving love, but there are some common ways to express your love to make your wife happy regularly.

20 ways to make your wife happy

1. Make Communication Important

To make a wife happy, it’s essential to communicate regularly as a couple. Many spouses find happiness simply from being listened to. This doesn’t mean you have to blind-sidely agree with your wife every time but it means at least she feels happy and more connected as her views are heard and listened to.

In doing this, you focus and direct your attention to her when she’s talking. You could try putting your cell phone aside and setting aside any distractions like work. You just have to give your full attention.

2 . Pay heed to the little things she loves

People tend to feel happy when their partners pay attention to the little details and things they like. Most wives tend to feel deeply loved when their partners attend to their little choices in life.

For instance, you could make it a point to get her a cup of tea or coffee in the morning and make it exactly how she likes it. You could also get her the favourite ice cream she likes whilst on an errand to show her kindness and love.

3. Touch her affectionately frequently

Physical touch has a power that cannot be underestimated. People tend to feel especially loved when their partners give them lots of affection touches. Physical touches have the tendency to have cortisol-reducing mechanisms for the body in stress-relieving. Be sure to touch, cuddle, hug and stroke your wife’s hair if she enjoys being touched.

4. Division of labor

Some cultures often tend to expect women to do all the housework, child care and emotional labour. These expectations are gender-based and resulting in less free time for women to relax and think through things. Taking a look at the division of labour with your wife will certainly help reduce the workload for her to get time to herself.

5. Showing interest in her thoughts and feelings

Marriage is more about listening with interest. Taking interest in her day to day activities and showing concern about how her day went will make her feel happy. Talking about everything with your wife including her fears, insecurities and insignificant things will show her at least you care about her inner life.

6. Fight better

Disagreements and arguments are part of any healthy relationship but how you go about things in these disagreements is what matters. Learn to be compassionate and considerate when arguing to prevent things from escalating. And in conflicts listen to here and then approach the issue together don’t avoid it and come to a consensus to solve it.

7. Don’t argue over the phone

When disagreements occur be sure to do it in person rather than on the phone as most couples who fight over text end up escalating things. Some important conversations like apologies and decision making should be done in person rather than over the phone as face to face conversations tend to solve things better

8. Be open and free to each other in bed

Assumptions don’t have a place in the bedroom. Oftentimes when it comes to sex in long term relationships such as marriages, partners tend to run on autopilot doing what they’ve always done and seen without considering the wants and needs of the other.

Some cultures make sex all about men satisfaction and an open and free conversation asking where she needs to be touched and where not can help her feel special and happy as her needs are also considered.

9. Making her pleasure Key

Sex is key in marriages so be sure to make your wife’s orgasm and peak your topmost priority in bed. You have to learn about different ways you can pleasure her to keep the fire in your marriage burning all the time.

10. Spend money in similar ways.

When it comes to money and spending opposite poles unfortunately repel. Happy and healthy relationships are ones in which partners spend similarly. Communicate more when it comes to money to know your wants and needs to prevent situations of overspending which will make one partner uncomfortable.

11. Celebrate each other’s achievement

Supporting your wife, celebrating her with enthusiasm and making her know how proud you are of her are all ways to make her happy as it makes her feel acknowledged and loved.

12. Compliment Her Always

Complimenting your wife for even the slightest detail makes her feel special and loved. In introducing your wife to friends and colleagues from work, be sure to introduce her with a compliment. It may be a small gesture to you but will mean a lot to your wife as a public compliment will make her feel acknowledged and secure of her status as your better half.

13. Surprise her with her favorite meal .

Cooking for your wife is a nice romantic gesture. Making a homemade meal for your wife is a nice way to awe her and win her heart always. It’s mostly about being her personal maid and also paying attention to her needs. In cooking, you can prepare her the favourite food she likes and be mindful of the little details and making it exactly how she wants it.

14. Treat her well

Women are delicate and have to be treated well. Treat your wife with grace and respect. Be sure to not use a harsh tone on her or be judgemental in hearing your wife out. Speak to her in a soft tone and be kind to her as it makes her trust you and open up to you all the time which ensures a healthy relationship.

15. Surprise her Occasionally

Your wife certainly deserves the best. You can surprise her by taking her out on tours and vacations at exotic locations occasionally to make her feel cherished and happy. Saving towards these events can be of great help as it helps you celebrate and enjoy in style. Her opinions on where she wants can be sought too.

16. Support her .

You can support your wife by helping her out with money or anything if she’s ambitious or she’s working on starting up a new business. Don’t look down on her but be her pillar for support in times of need. Respect her preferences and be kind to add your suggestions to perfect her work.

17. Take Her Seriously

It’s important to not treat your wife like a robot who is just there for chores and taking care of kids but be sure to take her seriously and not for granted instead treat her like the queen she is. Go out with her and spend quality time with her to show her you cherish and care about her deeply. Marriage shouldn’t quench the fire in your relationship whilst you were still dating but it should rather ignite it.

18. Defend Her

Women sometimes feel vulnerable and it’s up to their partners to protect, care and show them, love, in these times. If your wife gets into trouble of any sort, be sure to defend and stand up for her and not walking away even if it puts you at risk, as it only shows you’ll do anything for her welfare.

19. Assurance of love

Telling her and showing her how much you love her is one surest way to keep your wife happy. Tell her how beautiful she is and how much you love her always to assure her of your undying love for her. In not just saying but proving it to her by sending her surprise roses, cards or chocolates to her workplace as these things mean a lot to women.

20 . Make it Up to Her

If you happen to be busy or give her space, be sure to take responsibility, apologize and make it up to her in the most romantic and memorable way. You can take her to the movies, indulge in her hobbies or do something she really likes to show how sorry you are.

Marriage requires constant work as it’s not all Rosy as it seems. There are bad days and good days however, make sure that at the end you and your wife still sleep wearing a beautiful smile.

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