50 cute Asian girl names to give your child and meaning

Names generally are set of words by which a person can be referred to and it’s no different in any continent you found yourself. Asian girl names are also a set of identity given to an Asian female child the she will be referred to throughout her life.

This it plays a huge role in our lives from childhood and can even extend to your career profession hence one must always be careful when choosing the kind of names to give your Children.

This piece of article will guide you with 50 set of cute names you can give your female child when you found yourself in the Asia Continent or if you are a lover of Asian names.

Asian girl names and meaning.

  1. Chan Ming – means ‘forever bright’
  2. Chung – means ‘intelligent’
  3. Dingxiang – means ‘stability and fortune’
  4. Jiang – means ‘Greatness’
  5. Shima – Japanese name that means ‘true intention’
  6. Sumiko – Japanese name that means ‘smart girl’
  7. Thao – Viet name that means ‘respectful of parents’
  8. Yuan – Chinese name that means ‘shining peace’
  9. Tenshi – Japanese name that means ‘heaven’s child / angel’
  10. Lixue – means “as pure as snow”.
  11. Sakaë – Japanese name that message prosperity
  12. Xueman – Chinese name that means ‘snowy grace’
  13. Yet Kwai – Chinese name that means ‘beautiful as a rose’
  14. Yoi – A Japanese name giving to a child born in the evening
  15. Zhenzhen – Chinese name that means precious
  16. Shima – Means ‘true intention’ in Japanese
  17. Shino – means ‘slender bamboo’ in Japanese
  18. Shirushi – means ‘evidence’ Japanese
  19. Shizuko – means ‘quiet child’ in Japanese
  20. Shresth – means ‘best of all’ Indian
  21. Sigu – means ‘moral rectitude’ in Japanese
  22. Song – means ‘pine tree’ Chinese
  23. Sudarshini beautiful lady Indian
  24. Suma to ask Japanese
  25. Sumiko smart girl Japanese
  26. Suravi – an Indian name that means ‘sun’.
  27. Suyin plain – means ‘unadorned’ in Chinese
  28. Suzuki – mea ‘bell tree’ Japanese
  29. Tadame – means ‘seeds of beauty’ Japanese
  30. Tai – means’prosperous & talented’ in Viet.
  31. Taka – means’ ‘honored’ in Japanese
  32. Takeko – means’symbol of fidelity’ in Japanese
  33. Min – Means ‘heart’ Viet.
  34. Tama means ‘Gift from above’ in south korea
  35. Tamako means ‘precious stone’ Japanese
  36. Tamayo – means ‘precious generation’ in Japanese
  37. Lihua – Means ‘beautiful and elegant.’
  38. Lijuan – Means ’beautiful and soft’
  39. Ehuang – means ‘beauty’
  40. Guang – means ‘light, glory’
  41. Hong – means’ sign of good luck’
  42. Hualing – means ‘flowery tuber’
  43. Huang – means ‘joy and satisfaction’
  44. Changhang – Means ‘Flourish’
  45. Miyu – means “beautiful moon”.
  46. Mio – means “pretty cherry blossom”.
  47. Kasumi – means “magical”.
  48. Himari – means “sunrise”
  49. Chiaki – means “sparkling light”.
  50. Hui Ying – means “intelligent” or “bright”.
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