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50 Embarrassing things to do in public (Fun & Hilarious)

Want to find out how to embarrass yourself in public? Here are 50 embarrassing things you can do in public. Perfect for pranksters and people looking to make a day to remember!

IF there is one thing we all actively try to avoid, it’s embarrassing our self in public. The feeling of doing something ‘not cool’ or stupid with a stranger’s eyes on you, followed by their reaction is very much unpleasant to everyone. At that moment, we would wish we could just disappear.

Even though most of us avoid embarrassing ourselves in public, there are some of us who intend to do it internationally either for the fun of it to just fool around. Well, you have come to the right place to get materials to start your embarrassing but fun adventure as a prankster!

Looking to attempt these things in public? Do you think you have what it takes to embarrass yourself in public intentionally? Then CBGist presents you with the 50 most embarrassing things you must try in public!

50 Embarassing Things You can do in Public

1. Wave at a stranger

if you are looking to create the most awkward and embarrassing moment, then you should wave at a total stranger; or better yet, a group of people moving together. Most times, they will certainly wave back or ignore you and think you are crazy!

2. Use a strangers car windscreen as a mirror

Move up to a car with people inside and use the door window OR WINDSCREEN as a mirror to check yourself out. Give it a few seconds and prepare for the most embarrassing situation.

3. Wear a wig and drop it in public

Any gender can attempt this. Wear a wig and ‘mistakenly’ let it slip off your head on the street or in the mall. A few people might hold their laughter, while a few might not!

4. Wear a jean with the crotch side torn

Want to spice up your prank? Be sure to wear underwear with flowers or fruit imprints and let it show through the tear. if this isn’t a top-tier embarrassment, I don’t know what is!

5. Sing off-key to popular songs

Pick a popular song and blast off your vocals! be sure to mispronounce obvious words and rhythm in the songs and have great fun embarrassing yourself!

6. Show up late to an event

Have a party, Class, Presentation, Meeting, Appointment? be sure to show up late. Instead of sneaking in and blending, be sure to make sounds and announce your arrival!

7. Waving At Someone

Stare at someone intently and wave at them while grinning. be sure to look stupid for a few minutes 😉

8. Secretly Trying To Take A Picture Of Someone

While riding the bus or train, or walking beside or behind someone, try to take a picture of them while making it obvious. Careful not to do it spookily or you might be labeled a pervert.

9. Hug a tree

Need a Hug? Yell “Hey Buddy! Long time no See!” and hug a tree emotionally. After all, we could really use a hug and temporary fame on the internet.

10. Mistaking a fat lady to be pregnant

Only attempt this if you know how to apologize, convince, or run away with Usain Bolt Speed! Go up to a fat lady and ask to congratulate her on her pregnancy and if it’s a boy or a girl. Be sure to prepare for what comes next as it might be unpleasant!

11. Try To Get Your Teacher’s Attention in a Hilarious Way

when in class, or during a lecture, Call your teacher in the most unconventional way possible. A typical example is to do a little breakdance before raising your hands to ask a question. You might get extra Homework but it would be totally worth it.

12. Send an embarassing video of Yourself in a group chat

record yourself dancing awkwardly or doing something embarrassing and send it to a large group on any social media platform. Make sure to follow up claiming it was a mistake. However, it would obviously be too late

13. Trying To Walk By Someone

Move up to a stranger in public walking and walk beside them for as long as possible.

14. Talk to a girl loudly

Walk up to a group of girls and introduce yourself every loudly. Keep acting like you are oblivious to the situation and your actions.

15. Spilling Your Drink All Over Yourself

this is an old but classic prank to embarrass yourself in public. get a drink with color and spill it on yourself in public. but it doesn’t stop there, you would have to walk around publicly with the soiled shirt for as long as you can take it.

16. Show up late somewhere and make a spectacle

Show up late and yell “Sorry am late, my zip got caught” and let the embarrassment flow in the room. 🙂

17. Pay entirely with coins

Go to a large store or shop and buy an item. Walk up to the counter and pay in coins. Make sure to spend time exaggerating and counting it to make sure you pay every single ‘penny’.

18. Ask for a discount

Ask for discounts even when no discounts are offered. Be sure to do so with a smile!

19. Walk with your trousers’ zip open

Classic move for pranksters! Go out with your zipper fully open and Completely noticeable. On the bright side, you will get a lot of fresh air in there 😉

20. Check yourself in a mirror or a stranger’s eyeglasses

Walk up to someone wearing glasses and start checking yourself out. When they move or turn, be sure to ask if they could keep still for a minute.

21. Search for money when it’s time to pay

Nothing is more embarrassing than holding the line from a mall to the supermarket. Join the queue and when it’s your turn to pay, search heaven and earth for your money!

22. Open book pages loudly in a library

You are about to read, make everyone know that fact as soon as you start.

23. Eat your Snacks with your mouth open

Nothing more embarrassing than lunching on your snack with a mouth wide open for all to see.

24. Walk around with a blow dryer asking girls if they want a Blow Job

You a pretty confident guy? why not put it to the test! Walk around with a blow dryer and ask the ladies if they want a blowjob for free. Be sure to stress your generosity in your appeal.

25. Go to a Snack Shop and ask for a food that does not exist

“Hello! Please may I get one meat pie with the Ollivander, also add the maacitaron” the only limit is your imagination!

26. Yelling at fictional TV characters in a cinema hall

Prepper to get kicked out for this one! Go to the cinema to see a movie and be sure to let the fictional character know you see their faults. Be sure to do this loudly as people in the cinema like to be disturbed 😉

27. Pretend not to see someone and gossip about them

Walk next to a person, or sit next to them and gossip about them. You don’t have to say harsh things, just make sure they hear you talking about them.

28. Conversing with your pet as a real person

Come on, who doesn’t like talking to their pets? Why not take it a step further. walk your dog and be sure to have the best conversation of your life with them!

29. Try to sell something to marketers

We all get disturbed once in a while by marketers, why not turn the tables around? See a marketer? Then be sure to market something that is virtually impossible to sell. Be sure to market the moon to them!

30. Read an embarrassing book

Be sure to buy a book with an embarrassing title and read it in public. try to go for things like “How to teach a butterfly vulgar language” or “Ten ways to increase your Penis length”. Most of these books are available online.

31. Take chances and go for that high note

Plugin Headphones, play a song with a lot of top tier singing and blast your vocals off. show these strangers your embarrassing voice!

32. Sing off-key loudly

this works for popular songs that everyone knows the lyrics off.. why not give yours a little remix
and mix the words up?

33. Dance as though there is music

Do we all love to dance? but not all of us can dance in public. Let’s take it up a notch. go to a place with a lot of people and start and turn the place to your dance floor! Be sure to show them what your momma gave ya. Ohh, without music 😉

34. Practice important conversations

Walk up to a stranger, and begin speaking about a topic. When they ask what’s going on, then inform them you are practicing with them a conversation you intend to have later. Be sure to make it something embarrassing!

35. Pass gas in a public elevator

Let your gas rip in the elevator full of people! this is by far legend-tier embarrassment you will never forget!

36. Pick your nose In public

This is pretty self-explanatory, be sure to pick your nose where a lot of people can see you.

37. Walking down the Street In Wrong Direction

Most streets or stairs have a going and coming section, why not defy this ideology? walk on the opposite side and watch people conclude your craziness!

38. Laughing At Something While Alone

We all have that one moment where we remember funny things that we saw or have happened to us and laugh about them. It’s normal, until you do it repetitively and as loud as possible

39. Creeping On Someone’s Facebook And Accidentally Liking A Photo From Three Years Ago

Head over to your coursemate’s or colleagues social media account and drop a like on some of their old photos. Bet that the next day, work is going to be fun!

40. Stand up and Yell the following

“Hello Everyone! Can I Have your attention! Thank you! I wish to announce that my sister is having a baby!
Wait a few seconds for the applauds and congratulations then Yell: “I am finally going to be a father!”

41. “accidentally” trip on the street

42. Play an embarrassing ringtone

43. Wear two different leg of socks or shoe

44. play an embarrassing song in public

45. wear an embarrassing t shirt

46. Ask people how babies are made

47. Drool in public

48. Stand in front of a restaurant and act mesmerized by the smell of the delicious food

49. Breakdance in public without music

50. Ask people where you can buy female pants

DISCLAIMER: Some of these pranks can be considered extremely offensive to the people you attempt them with. This can provoke a response from them. Be sure you understand the risk.

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