The late actress has been a widow since 1981, but her estate plan has not been made public. Her net worth is estimated at $75 million dollars, including 10 million dollars in real estate.

She has no biological children, but has three stepchildren from her marriage to actor Allen Ludden. Many speculate that she left a large portion of her wealth to animal charities.

But while the details of Betty White’s estate plan are still unknown, it is clear that she was a generous philanthropist.

Her first marriage ended in a divorce. She had two failed marriages and never had any children. Her second marriage ended in divorce, and she did not remarry.

The couple’s three children were not biological. Despite these complications, White was a devoted Christian and attended church regularly.

She was married to Allen Ludden three times, the last time to U.S. Army pilot Dick Barker in 1946. However, they divorced a year later. He preferred a simpler life, so they separated.

The final question is who gets Betty White’s money? Her will does not list any beneficiaries. While she has no biological children, she has three stepchildren from her marriage with Allen Ludden.

As a result, the estate is split between the stepchildren and the animals. The stepchildren might receive the money, or the rest of it would go to animal charities.

And while she has not publicly discussed her will in recent years, she is known to be an avid animal lover and animal shelter advocate.

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