8 Clear Signs He Wont Marry You

Most women gets worried when the relationship is over a year yet there is no sign that he’s ready to marry you.

You keep wondering if you are not the right person for him or if he is actually not ready to settle down with you.

Well the truth is every guy will make a decide to settle down with you just about 210 days or 7 months into the relationship according to recent sturdy.

 Even though there are exceptional such as some men being indecisive and do not know what they actually want in a relationship.  However, even if he’s not sure about you, it wont take him more more than 2 years to make a decision about the relationship.

Ask 10 married women how long it took for their spouse to propose to them and 8 out of the 10 will confirm to you it didn’t take more than a year for their men to propose to them.

Most men will know if they want to marry you just in few months into the relationship.

 Even if he does not propose in few months, there are signs which will prove to you if actually you are the right person.

Surely you must not panic if he’s not proposed marriage to you after 6 month of dating but if it has been years and he’s still not talked about plans to settle down with you, then you must advice your self.

This 10 signs will show you he’s never going to marry you even if you spend your entire life with you.

  1. HE DOESN’T MAKE ANY EFFORT TO MOVE THE RELATIONSHIP FORWARD: when a guy is interested in marrying you, he will take an extra step to move the relationship forward within few months of dating, like talking to you about his future plans,  number of kids he wants to have and other things he intends to do in marriage, if you are not seeing any of this signs after few months into the relationship, then you must deliberately ask him questions about his future plans, the moment he tries to shun away from such questions, you must advice your self because you are not the one.
  2. HE CONSTANTLY TELLS YOU HE’S NOT READY FOR MARRIAGE: This is a biggest red flag if in the early stages of the relationship he constantly tells you he has no plans of settling down, probe further from him why he has no plans of settling down,in some cases, it could be he has no desire to get married or his parents marriage was a terrible one  and as such has tuned his mind of marriage. If you realize this and are not cool with being with someone who has no plans of settling down then you should quickly advice your self so you don’t feel used in the long run.
  3. HE DOESNT TAKE THE RELATIONSHIP SERIOUS: if you have been together for months yet he keeps hiding you from his friends or refuse to walk  with you in public, you must quickly advice your self that hes not ready to settle down with you.
  4. HE HIDES YOU FROM  HIS FAMILY: every man will feel proud to introduce his woman to his parents so if he makes no effort of introducing you to his family, then you must probably be alone in the relationship, Everyman who wants to start a family with you will be eager to introduce you to his family to know their opinion about you, especially their mothers So if you have been with him for a while and he hasn’t make any effort to introduce you to his parents then know that marriage is probably off the table.
  5. HE GETS ANGRY WHEN YOU ASK HIM ABOUT THE FUTURE: if hes always defensive when you talk about future plans with him, it is a clear indication that hes not ready to settle down with you hence he is not in the mood to discus such topics with you.
  6. HE QUICKLY CHANGES THE MARRIAGE TOPIC WHEN YOU RAISE IT:   You are not his idle woman to settle with so he will quickly change the topic of marriage once when you bring it up in other to avoid any argument with you. Especially if he’s just flirting with you.
  7. HE DETACHES FROM YOU EMOTIONALLY: when a man is truly connected to you and wants you to be a permanent part of their life, he will allow you to see his emotions and vulnerability. A man who is willing to be vulnerable with you see’s a future with you so if he’s up walls and distancing himself from you emotionally, he doesn’t see you as his future wife.
  8. HE DOESNT SHOW ANY SIGN HE’S DATING YOU:  if you are wondering why he  doesn’t want to get married, it is because some guys wants to enjoy freedom in their bachelor life. He’s always living his life like a small boy, going out to bars, clubs and flirting with other women even when he’s around you, then it a clear sign he doesn’t want to marry you. He prefers to always hangs out with friends or single people who are not in any committed relationship than spending time with you.

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