9 beautiful and lavish prisons in the world which is more beautiful than some Ghanaian apartments

Prisons are very important in the criminal justice system since it helps to enforce punishments given by the courts. Prisons are what house and host prisoners or law breakers.

Prisons are meant to help in making a society crime-free by punishing criminals and rehabilitating them. However, most prisons are not believed to be nice places and are always associated with suffering.

In Ghana, prisons such as the Nsawam Medium Security Prison, James Fort Prison, Kumasi Central Prison and Ankaful Maximum Security Priosn are not the best to write home about. Many associate this problem to overcrowding as the leading cause.

On the flip side however, some countries in other parts of the world have very comfortale and even “luxurious” prisons. They have so much beauty and rich design that may even surpass some good apartments or homes in Ghana.

Not only are these prisoners given nice places too lay their heads, but are also given other accompaniments of gadgets and the like. Take a look at some photos of prisons which are more comfortable than some Ghanaian apartments:

1. Her Majesty’s Prison Addiewell, Scotland

2. Otago Corrections Facility, New Zealand

3. Champ-Dollon Prison, Switzerland

4. JVA Fuhlsbuettel Prison, Germany

5. Sollentuna Prison, Sweden

6. Halden Prison, Norway
This is a prison in Norway that has earned a reputation as the world’s most humane prison since it was opened.

Norway’s Halden Maximum Security Prison is the most humanitarian prison in the world.Halden is a high-security prison in Norway that houses rapists, murderers, and other notorious criminals.

In this Prison, inmates have access to a variety of luxuries. Inmates can access their musical instruments and can record their tunes for future production.

Inmates also prepare their own meals with all of the necessary ingredients provided and are free to engage in any sports activity of their choice.

Interestingly each inmate has his or her own private room with a television, radio, and books to read and for conjugal rights, they are allowed to bring in their partners.

The Prison was built at 1.3 billion Norwegian kroner (£138 million) Despite criticism that it is excessively lavish, Norway has lower reoffending rates in the world and is even closing down most of its prisons.

7. California Prison, USA

8. HMP Berwyn Prison, UK

9. Justice Center Leoben (Styria, Austria)

These beautiful prisons have different comfort features such as personal bathrooms, television sets, WiFi, radio, tables and sofas and even gym equipments.

What do you think? Could they actually be more beautiful than some Ghanaian apartments? Comment below:

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