Your wife is your soulmate and since you are her partner for life it’s a good idea to ensure your relationship is a happy one. Respecting your wife is a cornerstone of a happy and fulfilling marriage.

Below are 99 Ways To Respect your wife and make her happy.

1. Prioritize Communication in the our marriage.

2. Pay attention to the little things that she loves.

3. Give her lots of affectionate physical touches.

4. Work together and come up with a schedule of division of labor that works for both of you.

5 . Take special interest in her thoughts and feelings.

6. Engage in disagreements and arguments in a better way.

7 . Be sure not to fight or argue over text.

8. Defend women’s rights and equality.

9. Take into consideration your wife’s needs in bed.

10. Make your wife’s pleasure a priority.

11. Make sex consensual not forceful and compulsory.

12. Spend money in a mutual way.

13. Take into consideration having a joint bank account.

14. Celebrate each other’s achievements.

15. Make self care a priority.

16 . Don’t criticize her but let her unwind by opening up to you.

17. Hug her often.

18. Compliment her looks always.

19. Compliment her in public when introducing her to new people.

20. Surprise her with breakfast in bed.

21. Cook her the favorite homemade meal she likes.

22. Treat Her well with Kindness and Grace.

23. Surprise her by taking her out on exotic tours and vacations occasionally.

24. Help her out when she’s trying out something new.

25. Respect her choices and never judge them.

26. Accept your wife for who she is as it brings out the best in her.

27. Forgive her when she makes mistakes as mistakes are essential part of humanbeings.

28. Take and Treat Your Wife Seriously.

29. Still do the things you used to do when you were yet to get married.

30. Protect and care for your wife in her most vulnerable moments.

31. Stand up for her when she gets into trouble.

32. Defend her at all times.

33. Show her how much you love her.

34. Reaffirm your undying love to her everyday.

35. Surprise her with greeting cards ,roses, and chocolates as these things mean a lot to women.

36. Always make it a point to remember her birthday and other important dates that mean a lot to her.

37. Be grateful to your wife and express your appreciation.

38 . Tell and show your wife how much she means to you.

39. Help her pursue her dreams.

40. Always be there for her whenever she needs you.

41. Apologize and make it up to her when you drift off.

42. To make your wife happy,you have to produce happiness within yourself . Thus learn how to be a jolly person.

43. Be a more proactive and positive person. You achieve this by moving past the things that make you sad like your past mistakes.

44. Give your wife happiness by being mindful of her environment whether gloomy or boring and be sure to fix it by brightening her up.

45. Fulfill your promises to her and don’t lie to her as lies destroy trust which is very essential in marriages.

46. Don’t cheat or attempt to cheat on your wife . Remain loyal and faithful to her at all times so as to not pave way for insecurities in your wife.

47. Show your wife that you trust her and make her feel trusted.

48. Give your wife peace of mind by letting go of bad habits like anger, smoking and drinking.

49. Don’t blame your wife for your own mistakes. Take responsibility,be humble and admit the mistakes you make.

50 . Make her feel valued and treasured by making her feel important and treating her well like the queen she is.

51. Give her random gifts and thank you messages to put a smile on her face.

52. Respect her uniqueness as your wife and a woman by not making her feel like she’s losing herself.

53. Do not put her to shame but make her feel lucky and proud to have you as her husband and the father to her children.

54. Be a responsible father to your children by being the best role model and working hard to build a great future for them.

55. Treat your wife’s family like own family by according them the much needed respect and love they deserve.

56. Fulfill your marriage vows and keep it for life by sticking to her in trouble, sickness ,need and challenges.

57. Be honest and transparent with your wife making sure to choose your words wisely so as to not hurt her feelings.

58. Kiss her often, thus when you meet her, leave her at home, randomly and not just her lips but her nose, cheeks, forehead ,neck and other intimate places within your reach.

59. Let her in when you’re most vulnerable to let her know you also find a companion in her.

60. Have fun with her and do silly things that make you laugh together.

61. Squeeze her gentle and let her know how much you appreciate her spending forever with you.

62. Don’t neglect her when you’re together with your friends.

63. Hold her hand and stroke her gently randomly.

64. Make it a point to remember the names of her friends.

65. Ask her opinions about ideas and your plans.

66 . Acknowledge and appreciate her intelligence, intuition and wisdom.

67. Encourage her to teach you something she’s good at.

68. Make her an integral part of your plans and dreams.

69 . Make compromises and let her know how you will only do it for her and not everyone else.

70. Don’t pressure her into doing things she obviously dislikes.

71. Respect your wife’s opinions.

72. Open up and share your feelings with her.

73. Let her in on existing secrets that only you know.

74. Take her problems and complaints seriously.

75. Do relationship goals with her.

76. Show interest in keeping your marriage alive and healthy.

77. Try to not complain when she makes you do girly things like shopping.

78. Surprise her with her favorite dessert occasionally.

79. Show and let her know she’s the one you’ll conquer everything with.

80. Never compare your wife with other women.

81. Be patient with her at all times even when she’s getting on your nerves.

82. Don’t eyeball other women when you go out with your wife.

83. When life hits her down help her up.

84. Tell her something which you’ve not told her.

85. Let her see you go the extra mile for her.

86. Pay attention to the little details and things she likes.

87. Let her know how she brings the best out of you.

88. Tell her how safe you feel around her.

89. Have the courage to point out her mistakes when she goes wrong.

90. When you notice little changes on her be sure to compliment her.

91. Encourage her to also spend time with her friends.

92. Leave her sweet random notes around occasionally.

93. Ignore your cellphone when you’re spending time together.

94 . Be a gentleman for her by opening the door for her and pulling out the chair when you go out with her.

95. Pay attention to her likes and dislikes.

96. Don’t guilt trip her to get what you want from her.

97. Allow her when she’s being childish.

98. Allow her to occasionally win competitions and games against you.

99. Don’t let her down when she needs you most.


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