A Breakdown Of The Net Worth That Affords King Monada’s House And Cars.

King Monada, a young South African musician and music producer who has solidified his root in his craft.

With music as his major source of income and other investments, he had been able to acquire a lot of assets estimated from $1 to $2 million.

King Monada’s Music Career So Far.

At the age of 14 years in 2005, King Monada’s music was recognised by the people around his locality at Limpopo, where he grew up.

At a point in time, he had to leave Limpopo since making music there didn’t connect him to the larger South African music.

After engaging with Molao Rammala, an open mic production producer, Monada’s big break came.

His first song, ‘Ska Bhora Moreki(2016), produced by Molao Rammala gained popularity.

Since then, he has released many debut songs that did so well in the local and international markets.

List of his popular songs.

• Ska bhora moreki.

• Molamo.

• Benz.

• Hlala.

• One million.

• Good life.

• O nyaka mo.

• Dzena mo.

• Melomo ya Batho.

King Monada’s Big Mansion In Limpopo.

King Monada owns a big mansion in Limpopo which he built for himself and his family.

The six bedrooms house he chose to build in his hometown village Tzaneen in Limpopo is worth R3 million.

A Fleet Of His Luxurious Cars.

Just like many other South African musicians, King Monada also seems to be a lover of luxury cars.

Few among his fleet of cars include;

• C63 AMG Mercedes worth $70,650.

• CLK 350 Mercedes which cost him $15,200.

• Volkswagen Golf 1 worth over $23,000.

• BMW M4 – $31,500.

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