A Star Barbers (Ahmed Alsanawi) bio, Age, Net Worth, Price

We celebrate a lot of personalities locally or internationally based on their social status, social interventions and the morals they emulate which helps in the upbringing of the young ones.

Questions are always asked about who or what makes our celebrated personalities look so nice? Ahmed Alsanawi always give them, good looks.

Looks really matter in boosting self confidence and that’s exactly what Ahmed Alsanawi gives to our celebrated superstars, mostly the males.

Among the most popular hair cut and hair dressing companies in the world is “A Star Barbers”. This company is spotted for putting beautiful and nice looks on the worlds big professional footballers.

Ahmed Alsanawi and his wife Tanya, have thought wide into business and decided to raise a company like no other than “A Star Barbers” to run haircut services for both professional footballers and other customers regardless of their social status.

“A Star Barbers” company was set up by Mr Ahmed Alsanawi and his wife, Tanya in 2013. Ahmed Alsanawi has offered employment to quiet some number of youths including; Brad, Abz, Joe and Huw.

This company has achieved greater heights in their delivery of services even with the few names mentioned as staffs.

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A Star Barbers (Ahmed Alsanawi) bio, Age, Net Worth, Price
Ahmed Alsanawi and Pogba|credit:

Where Is “A Star Barbers” located?

This wonder working haircut company is situated at Tiny High Street in the UK and it’s next door to a kebab shop.

How Old Is CEO Ahmed Alsanawi?

Specific details on his age has not been given, but he celebrated his 28th birthday in 2020 therefore He is probably going to be 30 years now. He was born in Iraq

Who Is Ahmed Alsanawi’s Wife?

The celebrity barber, Ahmed Alsanawi is married Tanya. Even though the couple had set up a company that serve big names in football, they have not made any information regarding their personal life available to the public so little is known about their marriage and family.

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Ahmed Alsanawi’s Career

A Star Barbers (Ahmed Alsanawi) bio, Age, Net Worth, Price
Ahmed Alsanawi (right) |credit: themirror

The former Chelsea Football Club training ground barber had lost this pride in 2017 after there were allegations that he was using the club footballers to promote and advertise his haircut business.

Falling of from the premier league giants did not stop the superstar footballers from enjoying the quality haircut services from A Star Barbers company. Ahmed Alsanawi now flies on expensive private jet trips all over the world with the footballers to give them the best of haircuts.

Few years after Ahmed Alsanawi was laid off by Chelsea FC. He bagged another deal with England National team as their official hairdresser. I this explains the beauty looks we now see being displayed in English leagues and the Europa leagues.

Ahmed Alsanawi’s diligent service deliveries to the superstar footballers has earned him a lot of love and well wishes from the footballers. Aside the payments being made by the stars for his services, Ahmed is mostly gifted with variety of endorsed football jerseys.

Few among the many superstar footballers that Ahmed Alsanawi normally give haircut services to include; John Terry, Eden Hazard, Danny Drinkwater and Paul Pogba.

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What Is The Haircut Price At A Star Barbers?

To have a beautiful haircut more similar to that of your favorite star footballer, you just need to walk into A Star Barbers company with $ 34 dollars and come out looking all stunning.

Ahmed Alsanawi’s Net Worth

The CEO earns almost all his money from his business as a hairdresser. Looking at his commitment towards the work he might be worth millions of dollars.

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