About Sexiest Man Alive

The annual feature the “Sexiest Man Alive” is billed as a benchmark of male attractiveness and typically includes only famous people and celebrities. It is determined using a procedure similar to the procedure used for Time’s Person of the Year.

The title came from a debate about a potential Mel Gibson narrative. “Oh my God, he is the sexiest guy alive!” screamed someone. “You could use it as a cover line,” someone else suggested.

The characteristic occurred at irregular intervals throughout the first decade or so. Originally given out in the winter, it was moved throughout the year, resulting in intervals as short as seven months and as long as a year and a half, with no option in 1994. (21 years later the magazine did select Keanu Reeves to fill the 1994 gap, with runners-up including Hugh Grant and Jim Carrey). Since 1997, the dates have been consistent, falling between the middle of November and the beginning of December.

Below are the dates of magazine editions, winners, winners’ ages at the time of selection, and significant remarks.

Former winners John F. Kennedy Jr., Sean Connery, and Patrick Swayze have all passed away as of 2021. Only two non-entertainers have received the award: John F. Kennedy Jr. and David Beckham.

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