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Achimota School Board Disagrees With The Ruling Of The Court To Admit Rastafarian Students.

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A statement has popped up on social media as the Governing Board of Achimota School directs it’s lawyers to appeal against the ruling of the court.

This is followed by reports on all social media platforms and blogs that, the final ruling between the Achimota School and some Rastafarian students is finally out.

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According to the Supreme court, the authorities of the Achimota School were bound to admit those students carrying locks on their head.

Just when we thought the case is finally settled, a new official statement has been released by the board of the renowned high school challenging the court’s final ruling.

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In the statement, the school has reportedly directed its lawyers to appeal against the ruling.

The School Board disagrees with the ruling of the Court. The School Board has therefore directed its lawyers to appeal against the ruling.”As quoted from the statement.

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