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Adele weight loss before and after

Adele Weight Loss Before And After: One of Britain’s greatest musicians, Adele known in real life as Adele Laurie Blue Adkins was very confident in her body despite several comments regarding her size 16 body she has now undergone a serious weight loss journey and the transformation has since become a puzzle in the mindset of many fans because the weight loss doesn’t link to some of the comments she made after attaining her sporting in the music industry.

She has consistently proved that she’s one of the greatest to have come from his home country and after dropping “Make You Feel My Love” and the song becoming a household anthem, she started getting some comments from the audience concerning her weight and as you know, in the showbiz industry almost all the brands are going after skinny celebrities and the notion of record labels giving heavy celebs attention is almost impossible.

Adele confident in the body at early career

Adele Weight Loss Before And After

Adele in the early days of her career gave a defensive response following the comments she observed that people are amazed that she’s plus-size but still successful and added that she makes music for the ears and not for the eyes.

During an interview with Q magazine following the release of her second studio album, Adele slammed those dishing out negative comments over her size as she claimed the size 16 is normal and wouldn’t encourage anyone to be unhealthy overweight nor would she encourage one to lose weight like how some models do. She emphasized that she’s got so many things to do but when she squeezes time out of her busy schedule she would go to the pub with her mates instead of hitting the gym to lose weight. Adele emphatically said she can’t be bothered because other things thrill her in life.

Adele initial move to have a balanced lifestyle

Adele Weight Loss Before And After

After her Vocal hemorrhage in 2011, she decided to look after living a balanced lifestyle for the sake of her voice despite looking adorable she moved on to stop taking in some stuff like cigarettes, alcohol, citrusy, caffeine, spicy and tangy food however she admitted that it’s boring saying she wouldn’t take her voice seriously she has an accident adding that she’s afraid all the time that she’s going to damage the voice

Adele weight loss journey

The songstress debut her weight loss training ahead of her 25 album tour and she kickstarted by working with her personal trainer who’s now famous, Pete Geracimo as they went through wild training sessions for 13 months.

According to the personal trainer, the singer started the training with her together as a way of getting healthy and not about getting super skinny.

Adele in an interview in 2016 with Vogue, noted that she started the training with Pete for stamina but she eventually lost a bit of weight hence he fit into the normal cloth and she claimed it was a big problem for her.

Divorce halted her weight loss

Adele Weight Loss Before And After

In April 2019, Adele announced her split from her husband, Simon Konecki hence she swept the image change under the carpet and her trainer opened up on how her personal life had affected her fitness attempt adding that the change had brought a new sense of self and looking out to be the best version of herself.

The talented singer appeared on Saturday Night Live and she acknowledge her weight loss for the first time in public on the show as she said, “I know I look really, really different since you last saw me.

“But actually, because of all the Covid restrictions…I had to travel light and I could only bring half of me, and this is the half I chose.”

After Adele weight loss

adele weight loss before and after

The singer caused a stir on social media in 2021 after sharing a photo of herself rocking an England Football shirt ahead of the Euro finals. She was said to have taken up reformer pilates with pal Ayda Field and an expert says she’s lost an estimated of 7st in total

Speaking on her weight loss she said, “My anxiety was so terrible.

“I definitely learnt a lot of tools in my therapy, but I also just go with it. I find the anxiety gets worse when you try and get rid of it.”


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