Until Government decide strongly on how our Media operates and block some Social media content from her citizens, the issues of LGBTQ+  will always be hanging and even if the law is passed, it will be subjected for review someday and probably be scrapped. This also bring the issue of the function of the ECOWAS And also AU. 

It also shows that it is time for this Continent to unite, because they are taking it one at a time.  The ECOWAS and AU have always been quite and sometimes their existence worry some of us. This are some of the things that they must be championing.

We need a formidable Africa, we need a Continent that is free from oppression for we have suffered a lot. We need an independent Africa, an Africabthat can function on her own. We need a free AFRICA, a Continent that can draw her own policies and implement them. 

Reacting to the responses of Akoto Ampaw, debunking any monetary gains in his fight against the anti-LGBTQ bill, Kevin Taylor has indicated on his ‘With All Due Respect’ program that Akoto Ampaw is lying because he has been paid to speak against the anti-LGBTQ bill.

Akoto Ampaw took bribe to support LGBTQ, he is fake: Kevin Taylor reveals top secrets

“You Akoto Ampaw, this LGBTQ issues has been with Ghanaians since Akufo Addo became President. When Akufo Addo said it was bound to happen and the conversation started in Ghana, you never made a statement on it. Where were you back then?”

Akoto Ampaw doesn’t even understand this LGBTQ issues, he thinks this is another supreme court case where he will get people to guide him through it. These are real issues, so we need people who are deep-minded to make a case against the anti-LGBTQ bill.”

Kevin Taylor added that he is not saying that Akoto Ampaw has taken a wrong position on this LGBTQ matter, but Akoto Ampaw should make a “sensible” statement about it.

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