Alexis Arquette was an American actress. She underwent gender-transitioning medical treatment in the form of hormone therapy and, ultimately, sex reassignment surgery in 2006. After her surgery, she contracted HIV.

Alexis died on September 11, 2016 (aged 47) from a cardiac arrest.

Alexis Arquette Cause Of Death

Full NameAlexis Arquette
Cause Of DeathCardiac Arrest
Alexis Arquette Cause Of Death

A coroner’s inquest ruled that actress Alexis Arquette died of AIDS-related complications. Despite being transgender, Arquette was not able to hide her disease and was infected with the virus in her last months.

Her cause of death was a bacterial infection of the heart. She was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy three years before her death and was also living with HIV. She was buried in the family plot in Hollywood Forever Cemetery.

While she had a long history as a transgender activist, her last act was playing a Boy George impersonator in “The Wedding Singer.” Her cause of death is listed as a heart attack.

Her death certificate reveals that she had suffered from a heart bacterial infection three weeks prior to her cardiac arrest. She was also a long-term HIV-positive. It is unclear what led to her demise, but her cause of death was not known.

While the cause of death is still under investigation, it is important to know that Alexis Arquette died from AIDS-related complications. Her family said that the actress had lived in a home for people living with AIDS and HIV for several years.

While they were trying to find a new home for her, the actress’s HIV diagnosis came to light only recently. In the days after her passing, David and Patricia Arquette visited the VIP.

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