Alicia Witt Parents: Robert Witt and Diane Pietro Cause of Death

Find out what happened to Alicia Witt’s parents. The news has devastated the actress.

Alicia, an American actress of international fame, recently starred as a mother in Fuzzy Head. She has been in many films of different genres.

Alicia is a shining star and has published a book titled “Small Changes” in 2021.

What Happened To Alicia Witt Parents? Father Robert Witt and Mother Diane Pietro Death Cause
Alicia Witt and her parents

Witt is best known for his roles in crime dramas and horror films. However, he will also be starring as Rachel in Alice, a thriller movie.

What happened to Alicia Witt’s Parents?

Alicia, an American actress, received terrible news about her parents Monday night. Her parents were found dead at their home.

Witt claims Witt didn’t hear from her parents for several weeks. She then asked her cousins to check on her parents.

After the family checked on Witt’s parents, Witt received unexpected news. Witt received unexpected news after the relatives checked on her parents. Both her father and mother were both dead in their home.

Two bodies were discovered by police officers at the Sussex Lane residence where her parents lived. The actress is requesting privacy in order to deal with the tragic event in her life.

Come across Alicia Witt Mother Diane Pietro and Father Robert Witt

Alicia was the daughter of Robert Witt and Diane Pietro. She grew up in Worcester, Massachusetts with her parents.

Robert, her father, was a photographer, and a science teacher. Diane, her mother was a junior high teacher.

Robert and Diane were the parents of two amazing children. Their son, and Alicia’s brother Ian’s, is well-known as a child prodigy.

Witt is an extraordinary actress, who began her acting career as a child.

Read More on Alicia Witt Parents’ Death Cause

The police are currently investigating the case of Alicia’s parents. The cause of death is therefore not yet available.

Officers have concluded that the cause of death was mysterious. According to the report, Witt’s parents used a space heater because of furnace problems.

According to Adam, the Worcester Fire Chief, there were no signs of any harmful gases in the air quality.

The neighbors said that the couple never left their house and believed they were sick. They offered to help, but her parents politely declined.

To determine the cause of her death, an autopsy will be done on her parents. The family is still grieving the loss and is in shock.

Is Alicia Witt still married to Ben Folds? Singer’s parents passed away in Worchester Home.

Actress Alicia Witt has separated from Ben Folds, her husband. Learn more about their relationship.

Alicia Witt was in a turbulent relationship regarding her love interests and preferences.

She had many encounters with men throughout her life.

After minor problems, her love interest in Ben Folds (the talented musician from the town) also ended their relationship.

Alicia Witt is reported to have divorced Ben Folds, but the actual date and details are not available on the internet.

Is Alicia Witt still married to Ben Folds?

Alicia Witt has separated from Ben Folds, her third husband.

She was a difficult wife to all her former partners, and the cycle continued until Ben.

She is single at the moment and doesn’t want to date new men.

Alicia is a reclaimed actor and singer, well-known for her ability to act and sing in different musical genres.

Her first works were hugely successful and she received multiple offers from major production houses.

Her piano skills are another beautiful aspect of her life, as she was a natural musical prodigy.

Greg Watson was Greg’s first date with Alicia back in 2005.

He was a banker and rumors started swirling about that the couple were blessed with two children.

The couple dated Nathan Foulger, and continued to date from 2003 until 2006.

The less well-known parts of her love life were her relationships with Peter Krause (separated 1999) and Michael Badger (2004).

Ben and Alicia met in the second half of their careers. They were often seen together during the 2014-2017 period.

Learn about Alicia Witt’s parents’ cause of death

Alicia Witt’s parents, Alicia Witt and John Witt, were found dead at their Worchester home on December 21, 2021.

Concerned at the inability to make phone calls or have regular talk, Alicia asked a relative who lived nearby to check on her parents.

The investigating family member reported that father Robert Witt and his wife, Diane Witt, were both dead at their Sussex Lane home.

According to the local police, there has been no sign of foul play at this scene.

Meet The Family Of Actress Alicia Witt

Alicia Witt lived a quiet life, away from all disturbances, to help her character development as well as her acting career.

Her family included her father Robert, and her mother Diane. They lived in their Sussex lane home and were in constant contact with Alicia via the phone.

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