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‘Alien’ figure with long limbs seen walking along bridge in the middle of the night

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– A strange creature believed to be an alien has been spotted walking on a bridge in the street of India.

– According to reports the creature with long arms and legs with pale white skin was spotted on May 28th moving unconcerned during midnight.

– Eyewitnesses who were left in shock pull out their cameras and started videoing it only for it to stop and stare at them before continuing it’s walk.

Meeting a ghost is something everyone believes but something that looks more than a ghost is definitely going to draw some attention.

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This was the case when passerby’s of the met an unusual creature walking on the newly-constructed bridge near Chadwa Dam in the Hazaribagh area, Jharkland, eastern India.

Videos taken from the scene has since brought divided opinions on whether it is an Alien or just another form of ghost we haven’t seen before.

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