All You Need To Know About NaakMusiQ.

South African actor and musician, Anga Makubalo, popularly known as NaakMusiQ, is in a celebratory mood today.

He’s been in the industry for several years now and he is one of the country’s most renowned actors and musicians.

NaakMusiQ is mostly recognised for his roles in Generations and Isidingo.

Due to his love for his rides and how he does not shy away from sharing this on social media, it has got him in trouble as many felt that he’s always bragging.

As a result, his own fellow artist like Prince Kaybee have dragged him for it too.

Anyway, who can stay mad at the caring father of one who loves spending time with his girl. 

Here’s a look at the number of times, NaakMusiQ had the ladies swooning over him because of those muscles and the not-so-great times when he was trending for all the wrong reasons. 

His fight With Prince Kaybee.

Apparently, NaakMusiQ and Prince Kaybee started their social media rivalry that took to far level.

In an interview, Naakmusiq did mention that the two had worked together on a couple of gigs and everything seemed to be going well between them.

Then things got a bit tense when Prince Kaybee posted a direct jab at NaakMusiQ about the car he had recently bought which saw Naakmusiq resorting to the own-race-own-pace rhetoric.

Rumours of NaakMusiQ And Natasha.

NaakMusiQ and Natasha Thahane may have taken one innocent picture together, but fans were quick to brand them as the new hottest couple in South Africa.

The actors hung out together and posted pics and clips of their time together on their Instagram stories.

This sparked a lot of controversies and rumours of the two being in an items.

NaakMusiQ’s Flourishing Career So Far.

From the days we saw him on Generations as Mawande’s spoilt brat and onto his days on Isidingo, NaakMusiQ just keeps proving he was born to be a star. His music also keeps us on the dance floor and his parents even proved it to us.

Just when we thought it couldn’t get any better for him, he landed a role on  BET Africa’s first drama series Isono. 

Despite all the negativities he’s been associated with, NaakMusiQ’s career still keeps flourishing.

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