All you need to know about Nasty C’s girlfriend

Sammie Heavens is a social media influencer with thousands of followers, a fashion enthusiast, and a YouTuber where she made videos on diverse issues.

Born Ntombizodwa Sammie Sibanyoni on the 27th of April, 1998 in Durban.

Not much information is known about her parents and childhood but she attended Nuz Junior High School where she met hip hop singer-songwriter and producer, David Junior Ngcobo (Nasty C).

Relationship With Nasty C

As known that every relationship has it’s ups and down, this duo is not left out.

Fans has sparked controversies between the two especially when Sammie is seen dancing to the tune of other rappers.

While quizzically asked why she isn’t dancing to that of Nasty C, others ask if she’s truly a fan of her boyfriend.

Nasty C has rose to her defense on countless social media trolls and has vowed to love her more.

On 27th April, he posted a picture of Sammie on his Instagram account, wishing her a happy birthday and went on to confess his love for her.

Did Nasty C cheat on Sammie Heavens?

We can’t substantially attest that Nasty C chest on his girlfriend but a song he released, SMA which featured Rowlene detailed how the young rapper chested on his woman while also using the opportunity to apologize to her.

Sammie has never enjoyed the limelight Nasty has shared because of the trolls she’s always served with.

Fans trolled Sammie when she expressed her displeasure about how every part of their relationship is being made public. She got even furious when netizen said she should have expected Nasty to cheat on her since that what most rappers do.


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