All you need to know about Seyram Dei(Seyram Music)

Seyram Dei is a musician and a football fan as well. He is a die-hard fan of Accra hearts of Oak and he does not hide his love for the team.

Recently Kwame A Plus posted a video of him (Seyram) singing a song in support of Hearts of Oak.

We followed the young musician to learn more about his career and this is what he has to say:

“I come from Peki Avetile in the Volta region. I grew up in a small community where the only source of entertainment or recreation was to sing or join the community choir. At the age of 12, I developed the art of composition because I lived with an Aunt who didn’t allow me to go out to play with the other kids. So I was always lonely indoors. So I would try to put into writing my feelings.
After Tertiary ( Accra Poly), I decided I’ve had enough of classroom work and would follow my passion, which is music”.

“I always want to be distinct in the best way I could. I bought an acoustic guitar with my first pay cheque and had to go online to learn how to play because I didn’t have enough for guitar tuition. Guitar helps in my composition a lot. I call my music: Ewe Traditional folk music with Ghanaian highlife and reggae influences. I’ve followed live performing Artist like Kyekyeku, who taught me little little tricks in guitar playing and live performance. My biggest platform was in Dusseldorf Germany when I took part in a music, dance and theater workshop and performance last two years”.

“I’ve shared stage with Ghanaian Australian based Musician, Afro Moses and Patorankin. I am currently working to release my second album called VROOM ( Volta Regions Organically Original Music ) . My album launch and performance is 24th of July at Zen Garden in Labone Accra”.

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