Alpha Conde’s education minister to be prosecuted for stealing 200 billion francs

Sometimes one is tempted to believe that the God who created Africans is different from the one who created the whites.

In Genesis, the holy book says “God created man in his image,” but the character of the black man makes it difficult for a discerning person to accept this fact. Ghana’s first President and Pan Africanist, Osagyefo Dr.

Kwame Nkrumah on the day of independence declared ” the black man is capable of managing his own affairs,” was this saying true or a populist act?

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It is expected that the education ministry will be headed by someone who is a carrier educationist with a wealth of experience or a technocrat to bring to bear his remarkable leadership in global education to benefit the country and the globe at large.

However, the former education minister under the erstwhile government of Alpha Conde has done what was unexpected of a minister and is due to stand trial for stealing state funds.

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The education ministry established by the government is to be committed to ensuring the reading and writing proficiency of every school child and to put in place the conducive learning environment and the necessary interventions to guarantee this outcome.

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Children are the future of the country, and nothing should hinder them from achieving their dreams.

There are, among them, those with exceptional talents and skills, gifted and talented kids and they need to be guided and mentored appropriately, but if the monies that is supposed to cater for these kids are embezzled, how would they achieve their dream?

In a report making rounds by credible media houses in Guinea, about 200 billion francs is unaccounted for under the ministry of technical and vocational education which this lady was in charge of.

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Following the Coup which ousted the octogenarian President, the strongman Colonel Mamady Doumbouya promised to bring those found of indulging in corrupt activities to book. The minister will be prosecuted for embezzlement in the coming days.


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