The cause of Alum Clint’s death has been a source of debate for weeks, and the investigation into his death continues.

His parents and friends have stated that the actor had been having relationship problems with his longtime girlfriend, but his mother has remained silent.

Her sister broke the news of his death on January 12, and it was immediately followed by speculation of a suicide.

The police are now investigating the case, and are trying to find out more about the circumstances surrounding his death.

A suicide was the cause of death in the case of Alum Clint.

The police said that the actor was found dead in his bedroom on Jan. 11, and no foul play was suspected. His cause of death was ruled a suicide, according to the coroner’s report.

The actor was suffering from paranoia, and believed that he was being watched constantly.

He also had been battling a relationship with his girlfriend and had planned to work out at a high school nearby before his death.

The family of Alum Clint has confirmed that he committed suicide. The Coroner’s Office reported that he hanged himself in his bedroom on Jan. 11.

The cause of death was a suicide. His parents are devastated, and have offered their support and guidance to those who have experienced similar issues.

While there was no indication of foul play at the time of his death, the Batavia police department said they are continuing the investigation.

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