Always brush your teeth twice I don’t care how beautiful you are – Nigerian actor Mike advises ladies

The most common reason for bad breath is bacteria that are actually found in your mouth that exist by eating the fragments of food left over from what you eat. Many people neglect the inside of their teeth or their back teeth while brushing.

Poor oral hygiene, problems with dentures, gum disease and tooth decay may cause chronic bad breath, which is also called halitosis. Halitosis usually happens to those who don’t take good care of their oral hygiene.

Nigerian actor Mike Godson in a post on Instagram has given free advice to beautiful ladies out there on how to keep themselves neat especially their mouths. His plea was for the female sex to make it a habit of cleaning their mouth and brushing their teeth twice.

He indicated that he does not look at the beauty of only the person which doesn’t matter to him but his nose not to inhale bad breath.

“Dear women, always brush your teeth twice a day, I don’t care how pretty you are, don’t kill me with bad breath”, he wrote.

It seems the gentleman is talking from experience and his advice if taken will help ladies who have bad breath to be self confident.

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