Who Is Craig Cope? An armed robber is killed by an 80-year-old store owner using an AR-15 rifle.

A bizarre occurrence took place at a California liquor store; the entire encounter was caught on camera and is already making waves online.

Many people are still curious to learn more about the content of the film. Thanks to the movie, even the proprietor of the liquor store rose to fame. Find out more about Craig Cope and the elements that made him successful.

Who is the 80-year-old business owner, Craig Cope, who shoots an armed robber to death with an AR-15 rifle?

The owner of a liquor store, Craig Cope, allegedly attacked a guy who he claimed to have mistaken for a robber, according to the most current statements made by law enforcement and the incident that was captured on film. The shop owner used a shotgun to shoot the would-be robber in the hand. Then Cope, who asserted that the suspect was armed and hadn’t entered the store with good intentions, displayed extraordinary bravery by opening fire on him. She said to the law enforcement officer, “It was him or me.” during her statement.

Who is he, Craig Cope?

The woman’s bravery is being praised by some after the incident’s account gained widespread online traction. Others, meanwhile, disagree with the old woman’s fast reaction, saying that she ought to have waited until she was positive the man had planned to harm her. On the other hand, the old woman asserted that she was an adept shooter because she frequently went hunting as a child. She showed that she was in no way intimidated by the suspected offender by blowing his hands. The incident is being looked into by law enforcement.

Cope asserted that she is in charge of looking after her patrons, employees, and retail locations. She continued by saying that she was lucky to have been there when the suspect entered the store because otherwise, she would have had to worry about her company and its employees.

The owner of the liquor store who granted the police official access to all of the information is an elderly woman by the name of Carge Cope, as was already mentioned.

Additionally, the suspect, a 23-year-old man, was captured on camera holding a gun and getting ready to shoot. The shooter was brought to the hospital after suffering a hand injury. Follow us on Twitter for the most recent news and updates.

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