Sophia Forrest is engaged to her actress lover Zara Zoe, the daughter of millionaire Andrew “Twiggy” Forrest.

The 27-year-old, who is also an aspiring actress, announced the engagement on Instagram on Saturday by posting a beautiful clip of the couple kissing.

Zara eagerly raised her hand to the camera, which revealed a big diamond ring, before the two women were spotted in a river.

Engaged: Sophia, the daughter of billionaire Andrew ‘Twiggy’ Forrest, revealed her engagement to actress Zara Zoe (left) on Instagram on Saturday after two years of dating.

Andrew Twiggy forrest' daughter, Sophia Forest engaged - All about her partner
Sophia Forest and her partner

Heiress: “She makes heaven a place on earth.” Sophia added a ring emoji and the date “21.4.22” to the video’s caption.

The women were then spotted kissing and spinning about before celebrating with a bottle of champagne.

Sophia and Zara were seen laughing and joking as they dined with a bunch of their pals later in the video.

‘She makes heaven a place on earth,’ says the heiress. Sophia captioned the engagement video with the date ‘21.4.22’ and a ring emoji. Zara and Sophia are pictured. Following that, the ladies were seen kissing and spinning before exploding a bottle of champagne.

Sophia, Zara, Andrew’s father, and Nicola’s wife Nicola all lifted their glasses to congratulate the happy couple at the end of the video.

Following the news, some of the women’s celebrity companions, including Hollywood stars Kate Walsh and Katherine Langford, expressed their best wishes.

‘Ah! “Congratulations,” Grey’s Anatomy star Kate commented on Twitter. Sophia uploaded an intimate video of herself with Zara and her mining magnate father Andrew (far right) and wife Nicola on Instagram (far left)

‘CONGRATULATIONS!!! “I’m ecstatic for both of you,” added actress Karina Banno.

‘Yes!!’ Katherine Langford, the star of 13 Reasons Why, was ecstatic.

Sophia is a rising celebrity in Hollywood, thanks to her performances in Ride Like a Girl and the ABC sitcom Barons. She also appears in the 2018 films LoveChild and Aquaman. In-laws: At one point, billionaire Andrew (L) was seen posing with a hammer next to Zara (R).

The couple met on the set of Ride Like a Girl two years ago and have been together since. They frequently post about their relationship on Instagram.

Sophia has spoken out regarding LGBT+ issues, particularly their on-screen representation, in the past, most recently to Stellar.

She was glad that her ABC show Barons had let LGBT people to relate with her character, having grown up with same-sex love tales rarely depicted on mainstream TV shows, she said.

Candid: Sophia has been open about LGBT issues, telling Stellar on her Barons TV Show, ‘If you’re constantly watching heteronormative storylines, you can’t connect to, maybe a queer storyline that can help you understand who you are’

“You can’t know what you can’t see,” Sophia, who plays Dani Kirk on the show, told the publication.

“If you’re constantly looking at heteronormative storylines that you can’t connect to, maybe a queer storyline that could help you understand who you are,” she added.

Andrew and Nicola have three children: Grace, Sophia and Sydney.

The businessman has previously stated that he will not be left with his $23 billion fortune.

Sophia is currently based in Sydney but is believed to have grown up on the the family’s 230,000 acre cattle station in Minderoo, Perth.

Genes: Sophia’s famous father Andrew (pictured, left) has previously confirmed that his three children will not be left behind with his estimated fortune of $23 billion

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