The official cause of death for Andy Griffith Jr. was liver failure and alcohol abuse. The actor died at the age of 38.

\His loss was felt by many. His daughter and sister, Dixie and Annie, talked about the influence of their father, who made time for Dixie in his busy life.

It is unknown whether he had any regrets for his actions or not.

A private funeral was held in the actor’s honor, and a memorial service was held for his late father, who was his closest companion.

The actor’s death has been reported as a heart attack, as reported by the Associated Press.

He was found dead in his apartment in Universal City, California on January 17, 1996.

Although the cause of death was heart failure, it is unclear whether the actor died from a heart attack or from alcohol poisoning.

Despite his career and the accumulated wealth of his late father, it is believed that he died of a heart attack, not from an overdose.

The coroner’s investigation is underway and a cause of death has yet to be determined. It is thought that Andy Griffith Jr. died of natural causes.

However, his cause of birth was unknown, although the coroner’s investigation is ongoing.

His death is still under investigation, but it’s clear that he suffered from chronic alcoholism.

A pending autopsy will reveal the cause of death.

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