Angie presents the weather for Seven Information in Sydney. In 2008, she initially began working for Seven Queensland. According to reports, she also worked for Seven Information at 5.

Angie Asimus, the inventor, dated exclusively for 12 years before to being married and had previously been expecting a child. She and Chris Abbott were wed on February 14, 2020.

The rumor that Angie is expecting her second child has brought her back to the forefront of media attention. Here is where you should begin to learn the truth.

7News reporter: What may Angie Asimus anticipate in 2022?

Since news of her pregnancy just spread here, many have wondered if she is expecting her second child with Chris.

Following the birth of their first child, the couple decided to get married and enjoy having two more children. On February 14 of 2020, they will have been wed.

Angie Asimus was raised and born in Gundagai before moving to Sydney to attend the University of Sydney and study media communications (in rural New South Wales). After completing her research at the College of Southern Queensland, she received a Graduate Certificate in Local Weather Adaptation in 2012.

Angie has achieved success in both her personal and professional lives, and she is an excellent mother to her son. Even though she has a tiny but loving group of relatives in addition to her husband and infant, her parents are still a mystery.

It is commonly known that the journalist kept a record of the 2011 flood. The Weathergirl is a well-informed climatologist. She often fills in as a presenter on Break of Day and Weekend Break of Day.

A child born to Angie Asimus and Chris Abbott

Chris Abbott is the spouse of Angie Asimus. More than ten years have passed between the two before their February 14, 2020, wedding.

She gave birth to her first kid later that year, in April 2020, and shared countless images of her son. Her social media profiles, including those on Twitter, are clear about this.

Chris Abbott, Angie Asimus’s partner, is no longer active on social media. We recently became oblivious of his professional past. Currently, the pair resides in Belrose. They paid roughly $1.55 million for a vintage single-story house from the 1970s for their extended family.

Her parents gave her the motivation to pursue her hobby when she was a student. She was first exposed to speeches and arguments. The presenter took part in a lot of local radio shows and events. She took part in numerous Australian news programs and children’s television programs.

She has won numerous honors and taken part in a sizable number of debates. Angie is committed to her work, just like her elders. They are ecstatic about their daughter.

Is she still watching the channel?

Asimus presents Seven Information at 5 and the elements to Sydney for Seven Information.

Angie began working in the Seven Queensland newsroom in Townsville in 2008, where she also began her career as a journalist. Angie is a reporter, host, and information presenter who recently provides weather updates on Seven Information Sydney. She presents Seven Information at 5:00 PM.

If we’re talking about price, Angie might already be worth $2 million. The average salary for information newshounds is $75,000 per year. Because Angie routinely appears on Weekend Break of Day and works as a weather reporter for Seven News at 5 from Sunday through Thursday, it is reasonable to assume that she earns more than $120,000 annually.

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