Anne Frank was a German-Dutch diarist of Jewish heritage and one of the most discussed Jewish victims of the Holocaust who gained fame posthumously because of her 1947 publication of The Diary of a Young Girl. He died at age 15 in February 1945.

Anne Frank Cause of Death

Full NameAnnelies Marie Frank
Cause Of DeathTyphus Fever
Anne Frank Cause of Death

There are many theories about the cause of death of the famous Dutch diarist, Anne Frank. Her family was deported to the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp in 1944, but there is not one clear answer.

Researchers have examined the archives of the International Training Service and the Bergen-Belsen Memorial, as well as the testimonies of survivors. They concluded that Anne and Margot most likely did not survive until March 1945, a month before the Germans liberated the camp.

While no records were ever found to document who was incarcerated in a concentration camp, it is possible to date the death of the entire Frank family using the official Anne Frank cause of death.

The family was deported to Bergen-Belsen in November 1944, where they were murdered by the Nazis. Because of the Holocaust, Anne and her family’s fate is not known until they reach Bergen-Belsen.

The Germans executed the Jewish families at the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp, and Anne was no exception. In early November 1944, she and her sister Margot were placed on transport and transported to Bergen-Belsen. Her parents remained in Auschwitz.

The conditions in Bergen-Belsen were horrific, and the camp was a hotbed for contagious diseases. The two sisters contracted typhus and died as a result of its effects in February 1945.

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