Another Winners Chapel pastor claims he was also sacked for generating low income in his branch, drop more gist

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Another alleged Winners Chapel pastor, identified as InChristed Michael, has also come out with a bold claim that he was sacked by the church for generating low income in his branch.

One of the trending stories that hit the internet just days ago came from the Winners Chapel International, a popular charismatic church that is headed Bishop David Oyedepo.

There was a huge allegations that the church sacked over 40 branch pastors for reasons that they were unable to meet the financial targets.

Just when we thought it could not be true another pastor is here with a whole new claims saying he was also once fired by the church due to low income from his branch.

What is even more interesting about the new revelation is that he claim the said 40 pastors who were sacked are those from Eki state alone.

He went on to allege 37 were also fired at Lagos state while the mega firing itself took place at Benue State that saw over 92 pastors loose their respective positions.

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