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Any lady who claims I had an affair and defrauded her should go to the nearest police station, I will give her $10,000; Captain Smart dares accusers

Captain Smart has gone wild this morning on his critics for alleged fraudulent activities he has engaged himself in the past years.

Host of Onua Maakye morning show Nana Captain Smart has finally met and interviewed an eye witness of Ghana’s economic hardship. Mr Kofi Koranteng boldly Suggested Resignation and total overhaul of Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo and his entire Cabinet.

Speaking to Captain Smart, he is an eye witness of how the economy has Turned into tatters.

” Who caused it ? It is the President and his cabinet. They must resign to sustain the economy. It’s time they Leave office to help matters” he said

With all sort of allegations flying around about the renowned journalist, he has chosen to adopt the thick skin to withstand all that may be thrown at him.

He then again dared those who claim that he has defrauded ladies and urged them to report to any Police station.

Right after the #fixthecountry demonstration, the journalist warned of some alleged attacks and abuses that have been planned against them all.

In about three weeks to a month ago, Captain Smart has been on the radar of The Seat on Net 2 TV. Several unknown voices of ladies who claim to have been defrauded by Captain Smart have been played on the show to purport how corrupt and untrusted he is.

But in all this, the simple and brief answer he gave was that, all those ladies who claim that he owes them should not hesitate to come out and prove it.

In his words on Onua TV this Thursday morning, 12th August 2021, he said “I do not know any one of all those ladies who claim that I owe them.

If anyone believes and truly knows that I owe her, she should run to the nearest police station and report me. I will come and give her US$ 10,000 cash”, Captain Smart hit back.

He concluded that he knows the nature of the work he is doing and he has been trained to do towards it. Therefore, no attacks can change him.

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