Apostle Suleman in fresh trouble as Repented Hookup Girl reveals how she had a one Night stand with him in a hotel among other top secrets

Everyday on the internet there’s always going to be something trending that will make headlines.

Latest on the trend list is a Nigerian lady on Instagram named as Chioma Grace Ifemeludike alleging how she was pimped by a friend to Apostle Johnson Suleman who is a Nigerian televangelist and the senior pastor and general overseer of Omega Fire Ministries International.

In her confession, the lady said it was somewhere around November 2016 when she was asked by a friend to meet someone at a hotel.

At the time, she needed money because she had just came out of the University and was preparing for her youth service and needed to get some stuff for herself.

She and her friend spent hours in the hotel before the man whom she was tasked to meet finally came, when the man came, upon seeing him, she felt like she knew him elsewhere but wasn’t sure and thus kept her cool.

They spent some hours enjoying themselves in bed and she was given 500,000 naira for sleeping with the man which was a good cash.

She revealed her friend whose name she gave as Linda was the one who connected her to Apostle Johnson Suleman.

After the act, she was glancing through Instagram and came across the profile of Apostle Suleman, that was when it dawned on her that he was the man she slept with.

She later asked her friend Linda about Apostle Johnson Suleman and if indeed he was the man she made love to her and gave her 500k naira, her friend didn’t give any concrete answer to that.

It is unclear to what end she is bringing what happened in 2016 out in 2021, but Chioma said she has repented and need to voice out the truth to save young girls from being misled according to her words.

Her confession video is right below.

Well, in a twist to the story, the said Linda Chioma Grace ifemeludike mentioned in her commentary as the pimp sho hooked her up to Apostle Johnson Suleman has denied any of such claims with a threat of legal action.

This is however not the first of its kind an allegations like this has been made against the man of God.

There are other allegations of him having affair with others ruling ladies that has hit the internet in the past.

Ifemeludike has this called the Bluff of the said Linda saying she is never scared of her legal threat as she is now a child of God and not scared of anything.


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