This article entirely seeks to check whether Bartise and Nancy from ‘Love Is Blind’ are still together at the moment.

The first four episodes of Season 3 of Love Is Blind are a storm for Bartise Bowden and Nancy Rodriguez. While in the pods, Bartise has a difficult time choosing between Nancy and Pilates instructor Raven Ross. In the end, however, he picks Nancy, we much concern whether the two are still together currently? Keep reading to discover more;

We still have more of the season to get through before we can see more extreme highs and undeniable lows between the newly engaged couples. And the trailer for the season ahead that plays at the end of Episode 4 tells us just how dramatic things get between Bartise and Nancy. But they have a solid foundation, which makes us hopeful for their future.

Are Bartise and Nancy from ‘Love Is Blind’ still together?

It can be seen clearly that Bartise and Nancy are a couple with a will they / won’t they dynamic as the season unfolds. Bartise’s confession of his attraction to Raven in Episode 4 likely drives a wedge between them. But there’s hope that they move past it. In a recent Instagram post, it looks like Bartise is wearing a wedding band on his left ring finger.

Are Bartise and Nancy From 'Love Is Blind' Still Together?
Bartise and Nancy

Call us hopeful romantics, but we like to think that means there’s a chance he and Nancy work things out and make it to the altar. However, neither of their photos in what appear to be their homes look like the same place.

So unfortunately, that’s a strike against true love. OK that might be a little dramatic, but while there is hope that Bartise and Nancy make it, it’s still too soon to tell for sure.

Nancy almost filled the position of Bartise with someone else

Bartise admits his attraction to Raven, but Nancy almost picked someone else too. Although she says in Episode 4 that she feels secure in her choice to be with Bartise, she almost gets engaged to Andrew Liu. She even meets with him later in the season, as shown in a trailer, where you could see she was really into the compliments.

So it’s entirely possible that Bartise chooses to stay with Nancy rather than choose Raven outside of the pods, but Nancy moves on with someone else. We’d like to think that all of the couples who find their matches in the pods also find happiness with their partners in the real world. Unfortunately, that’s not always how it works.

There’s not much in the trailer that hints at what happens between Nancy and Bartise, come their wedding day. But if they can get through the obstacles they face outside of the security of the pods, they can get through anything.


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