Can boys change with time, or are great guys always accessible in the end? This problem is addressed by the unique twist that “FBoy Island” applies to the tried-and-true format of love reality shows. At the relationship truth program, 26 male participants adopt 3 single girls as they meet potential partners. 13 of the boys are, in fact, FBoys who are competing solely for financial gain. Even though the girls get to choose the winner after going on many dates and getting to know everyone, the boys have the option to leave their partners and take off with the prize money if they are chosen as the winner.

skill levelLouise Barnard appears to have had Mercedes Knox’s simplest goals in mind from the start of season 2, showing no interest in the opposition. In contrast, Benedict Polizzi never gave up on her and used to be thrilled when she asked him out on a date. After the date, which went very well and left him briefly involved with a deserving suitor, lovers began to question if Benedict and Louise had still been together. Let’s investigate to decide.

Louise and Benedict’s Boy Island Adventure

Louise’s attention was initially drawn to Mercedes Knox, and she later recalled how his smile made her feel out of breath. Because of this, despite her initial interest in Benedict, the pro-type decided not to offer him a VIP card. Later, the latter had to put up more effort to convince Louise at Brochalla. During the first mixer of the season, a fair number of men, predictably, showed interest in Louise. Mercedes quickly took her to a quiet area, where the two were later seen having a passionate makeout session.

Naturally, Benedict was very dissatisfied with the outcome, but he knew he still had plenty of time to change the position. It’s interesting that Louise chose him to go on a date with her the very next day, proving that he must have left an impression on her during Brochalla. Benedict and Louise were prepared to have a private, heart-to-heart conversation on a beautiful yacht away from the bustling crowd, where the former could express his feelings. Then they kissed each other. However, this made the professional woman hesitant about her emotions, and she started to wonder if falling for Mercedes so quickly was a mistake.

Mercedes, on the other hand, didn’t respond appropriately to Louise’s kiss on the inside and claimed that Benedict was actually an FBoy. Even though the actor tried his hardest to deny the claim, the group was taken aback by this revelation, and Louise wasn’t sure who to believe. On their third date, she decided to move in with Kyland, surprising and upsetting Mercedes and Benedict. When she came back, Mercedes took the opportunity to explain to her how difficult it had been for him to see her interact with others. In contrast, Benedict was the one who made the first move and extended a surprising date invitation to her, hoping to win her over.

As the season progressed, Louise eventually found herself torn between Benedict and Mercedes and was unable to make a decision. While she was aware that the former might continue to make her happy, she knew in her heart that Mercedes was the only thing she truly craved. However, when he admitted to being an FBoy, things abruptly changed. This caused Louise to experience delusions, and Benedict thought she would kill Mercedes.

Even though Mercedes was one of her backside two, Louise made the unusual decision to save him despite everything. Benedict was shocked by this turn of events and made every effort to develop a deeper relationship with Louise, but he was aware that it would be difficult. Louise ultimately made the decision to go with FBoy Mercedes rather than the amazing man Benedict, so they ultimately decided to split the money.

Are Benedict Polizzi and Louise Barnard still romantically involved?

Sadly, Louise and Benedict have been relatively discreet about their private lives since the movie was finished and have not made many public appearances. Currently, Louise appears to have relocated to Onekama in Miami, where she continues to actively advance her modeling and web influencer businesses. Benedict currently resides in Indianapolis, Indiana, but his work as a comic constantly requires him to travel around the nation.

Sorry to break the bad news, but those who were rooting for Louise and Benedict are similarly disappointed that they don’t seem to have patched things up. After she ultimately rejected him in the season 2 finale, the two also didn’t seem to change their ways, and they haven’t been seen talking much since. Strangely, a recent rumour claimed that Louise and Benedict may have gotten together in Miami after the movie was shot. However, readers should be aware that such conjectures are unjustified and should be treated with caution. Louise and Benedict are truly living independently, and we hope for nothing less for them in the future.

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