Despite their similarities, are Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos really friends? Both CEOs of high-tech companies have a lot in common. Both have made billions of dollars and are world-renowned entrepreneurs. But do they get along? Let’s find out! Read on to learn more about their unlikely friendship. Ultimately, they may be more like enemies than friends. But their egos may still be too big for them to get along.

The two execs are friends with a few exceptions. In 2016, Musk responded to a reporter’s question about Jeff Bezos’ friendship with Steve Jobs by saying, “Jeff who?” But are Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos really friends? That’s the question everyone is asking. And while the answer to that question is not entirely clear, they do share similar interests.

Bezos funded Musk’s ventures early on. As early as 2006, Bezos’ company invested in the new company. In 2013, Google underwrote Tesla for $5 billion. They also invested in SpaceX when it was at a critical stage of development. In short, they’re friends, but they’re not actually a “friend.”

There’s a good chance that the two are not. But their rivalry has also forced them to fight over some controversial issues. The rivalry between them has been so intense that they’re even suing each other over their competitors. Whether they’re friends or not is up to you. However, the question remains, are Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos friends? If you’re wondering, it’s definitely possible to find out – and that’s the way it should be.

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