In his recent song “Forever Pop”, Lil Tjay paid tribute to the late East Coast rapper Pop Smoke, who passed away in Los Angeles. While Pop Smoke wasn’t a household name, his death has stunned the hip-hop community. His death is a blow to the whole Hip-Hop community, as he was on the cusp of becoming one of the breakout artists of the decade. Lil Tjay shared the news with his fans and friends, updating his social media profiles with the sad news. He also posted his condolences to the deceased rapper’s family.

Although the two artists aren’t related, Tjay and Pop worked closely together in the past. On his “Forever Pop” single, Tjay pays tribute to the late Pop Smoke, a friend and fellow New Yorker. They shared a love for music and rap, and collaborated on songs like “War” and “Mannequin,” which both appeared on Pop’s Meet The Woo 2 album. On “Forever Pop,” Tjay pours out his heart over an Othello-produced instrumental and talks about why he wants to carry Pop’s legacy forward. The song ends with a radio snippet of Pop Smoke discussing the pressures of success.

A rumour of a relationship between the two rappers has caused controversy in the Rap community. Rumors that Lil Tjay and Pop Smoke were lovers have been swirling for some time. In addition to being friends, Tjay had a great rapport with Pop Smoke, and they were often seen in the same environment. However, there is little evidence of any formal relationship between the two, despite the fact that they both had the same manager.

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