One of the first couples to leave the pods on Love Is Blind Season 3 is Brennon Lemieux and Alexa Alfia, who get engaged days into the dating process. Granted, all of the couples spend only 10 days in the pods before meeting each other, but Brennon and Alexa tell each other that they’re in love within just days.

Things were going well for Brennon and Alexa in Malibu. They seemed to be physically attracted to each other, and their conversations in the hotel room and on their picnics weren’t all that awkward. At the cocktail party in Episode 4, they seemed like the most cohesive couple, smooching by the bar and telling everyone who looked their way about how in love they are. But in the teaser for the rest of the season, things aren’t looking great, and they currently don’t follow each other on social media, which isn’t a great sign.

Brennon and Alexa’s Post-Pod Honeymoon

Brennon and Alexa have a conversation in Malibu about their families that might be a sign of trouble to come. Alexa shares that she and her family are loud, tease each other, and curse, even around the dinner table. Brennon says that when he’s around his family, things are much more conservative and quiet. It’s the one time that things seem awkward between them and might lead to even more weirdness when they get back to Dallas à la Nick Thompson finding Danielle Ruhl’s costume treasure chest in her hall closet in Season 2. Then again, Nick and Danielle made it pretty far, having only announced their split after the After The Altar special in September 2022, so Brennon and Alexa might be the couple that really goes for the long haul.

Are 'Love Is Blind's Alexa and Brennon Still Together?
Are 'Love Is Blind's Alexa and Brennon Still Together?

Brennon’s & Alexa’s Families May Not Get Along

It could always just be intense editing, but it looks like Brennon and Alexa do run into issues when they meet each other’s families. A woman who seems to be Alexa’s sister, or at least another woman close to her, is heard challenging Brennon about his commitment. When they get to the altar, it seems like Brennon’s mom is concerned for her son, and it sounds like he is the one who says, “I’m sorry,” instead of “I do.” The trailer ends with someone’s family member yelling at a man about making a woman’s family “waste their time” by attending what is seemingly a failed vow ceremony and the way the whole thing is cut up, it could very well be someone on Alexa’s side.

Brennon and Alexa seemed like a safe bet to make it through the Love Is Blind experiment together, but sometimes, if things seem too good to be true, they are. Fans won’t know if the two say “I do,” until the final episodes arrive between Oct. 26 and Nov. 9.


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