Mitch and Mo are vital characters in The Watcher. Although the story is based on true life events, there are still fictional characters and scenes in the movie. Read to find out if Mitch and Mo are also fictional or real people.

Are Mitch and Mo From The Watcher Based On Real People?

Yes, Mitch and Mo are real people. The characters were inspired by real-life people. the story behind The Watcher film is a true story and true events.

According to a report from The Cinemaholic, the real-life Mitch and Mo lived near the Broaddus home at 657 Boulevard for 47 years. One of their children even married a man who was raised in 657 Boulevard as well.

Bill Woodward, the housepainter, saw the husband of the couple that lived behind 657 Boulevard sitting on lawn chairs facing toward the Broaddus’ property instead their own. The couple had lived there for 47 years.

Who Are Mitch and Mo From The Watcher?

The actual names of real-life Mitch and Mo from The Watcher are not known. Although the characters are based on real people, it is not known who they actually are in real life.

Mitch and Mo were a married couple who were neighbours of the Broaddus family. The Broaddus family are also based on the real-life Brannocks family.

What Happened To Mitch and Mo From The Watcher?

When Dean launches his own investigation into who the mysterious Watcher is (you know, that creepy anonymous person sending his family threatening letters), he initially pins Mitch and Mo as two possible prime suspects.

Dean also meets a previous owner of his house who said that Mitch and Mo belonged to a blood cult. He’s convinced that Mitch and Mo were responsible for the creepy letters from the Watcher.

To Dean’s horror, Mitch and Mo are found dead in their home a day after he had yet another fight with Mo. Mitch and Mo’s son accuses Dean of inciting Mitch to kill Mo and himself. He explains that Mo had cancer, and all the couple wanted for Mo’s final years was some peace and quiet.

However, it turns out that Mitch and Mo are just fine — their grief-stricken son faked their deaths.


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