Aretha Franklin was an American great singer, songwriter, and pianist during her era. She was famously recommended as a “QUEEN OF SOUL” and has been ranked ninth by the Rolling Stones and the hundredth greatest artist of all time.

Aretha Franklin Children
Aretha Louise Franklin

With worldwide transactions and selling of over 75 million records, FGranklin is remembered as one of the best-selling artists from the 20th century till now present.

Aretha Franklin Children
Aretha Franklin ” THE QUEEN OF SOUL”

Franklin being recognized and recommended as a strong, [poerfiul and energetic youth began her ministry at the New Baptist Church in Michigan where her father C.LK. Franklin was a minister.

During Franklin’s 18th birthday, she commenced and ventured into a music career as a recording artist on Colombia records. Meanwhile, at that time Franklin has not immediately proliferated. Franklin focused on commending and applauding commercial success once she signed with Atlantic Records in 1966.

Franklin Aretha Music Career

Commercials fame such as [I Never Love A Man The Way You Lve Me] Respect [You Make Me Feel Like A Organic Woman], [Chain Of Fools], Think”, [I Say A Minute Prayer] rolled Franklin’s progress and proceed among her colleagues.

Franklin continued and proceed in her music career by recording different powerful songs such as ” I Never Loved A Man The WaYy I Love You (1967), Lady Soul ( 1968), Spirit In The Dark(1970), Young, Gifted and Black ( 1972, Amazing Grace (1972), Sparkle ( 1976) before she started having some issues with the recording company.

Aretha Franklin Children
Aretha Franklin on stage singing

She later left Altlantic and signed in with Arista Records. The singer come to light in 1980 films called Blue Brothers before releasing the victorious and triumphant album Jump Into It in 1982, Who Is ‘Zoom in Who in 1985, and Aretha in 1986.

In 1998, Franklin was ranked among the best Top 40 with Lauryn Hill’s featured song [A Rose Is Still A Rose]. She later came out with an album with the same name.

According to the US Billboard Chart, she recorded 112 albums with 73 Hot 100 entries, 17-top-10-pop-singles, 100 R & B entries, and 20 number R & B singles. Besides the foregoing songs, some of the hit songs of this artiste are Aint No Way, Call Me, Don’t Play That Song, Spanish Halerm, Rock Steady, Day Dreaming, Until You Come Back To Me(This is what I Am Going To Do) also a duet with George Michael.

Franklin Aretha Awards In Her Mucical Career

Franklin Aretha was a great artist gross and earn many cachets and great awards in her musical career as a musician in her career. She won 18 Grammy Awards in her career in combination with the first eight awards given as Best Female R & B Vocal Performance ( 1968 – 1975 ), A Grasm,y Awards Living Legend Honor and Lifetime Achievement Awards.

In 1987, she was the first female artist to be officially installed into the possession of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. She was also installed into the UK Music Hall of Fame in 2005 and into the Gospel Music Hall of Fame in 2012.

She was present and grant the National Medal of Arts and Presidential Medal of freedom.

Rolling stone ranked Franklin number one on to of the best 10 Greatest Singers of All Times. In 2019, she was also awarded by the Pulitzer Prize jury awarded singer as a posthumous special for her indelible contribution and performance to American music and culture for more than five decades. In 202 she was inducted into the National Women’s of Fame.

Franklin Marital Status and Children

Franklin in her lifetime had sons. She first became pregnant and gave birth to her son called Clarence at the age of 12 years old. She named the son after her father.

On the 28th January 1955, it was found in one of her written wills that the father of her son was called Edward Jordan. Franklin had her second child on the 31st August 1957 with Edward Jordan and named the child Edward Derone Franklin. He named him after her mother. Franklin had wanted not to discuss her early and first pregnancy with any interviewers.

Both of them were given family identities and names. Franklin had her third child called Ted White Junior was born to Franklin.

The husband Theodore Ted White in February 1964 is professionally known own as Teddy Richards.

Her youngest son, Kecalf Cunningham was born in April 1970and is the child of her manager Ken Cunningham.

Franklin married twice. Her first husband was Ted White who married at the age of 18 years. After a continuous marriage that happens as a marriage and domestic abuse, Franklin separated from Ted in 1968 and divorced him in 1969. She married an actor Glynn Turman on April 11 at her own father’s church.

By marrying Turman, Franklin became a stepmother to three children of Turman from another marriage of a prestigious woman and later separated from Turman in 1982 and divorced him in 1984.

Franklin Children

  • Teddy Richards
  • Edward Franklin
  • Clarence Franklin
  • Kecalf Cunningham

Teddy Richards

Teddy Richards is the son of the famous and well-known American songwriter and musician, Aretha Franklin.

Aretha Franklin Children
Teddy Richards the son of Aretha Franklin ( present children)

Teddy Richards is also famous and well known due to his mother’s popularity and famous in America and the entire world as a whole.

Teddy Richards is a musician in his career as his mother was. He might have got inspired by his mother. He is also recognized as a talented vocalist due to his amazing and wonderful voice. He composes songs by using his own guitar chords and adding his own rhythms and melody to his songs.

Name Teddy Richards
Birthday February 1964
Age 56
Gender Male
Nationality American
Profession Singer
Parents Aretha Franklin and Ted White
Education Michigan State University
Twitter @teddyrichards1

Aretha Franklin Children
Aretha Franklin( in front ) and her son Teddy Richard ( present children )

10 Facts on Teddy Richards:

  • Teddy Richards was born on February 1964. His resent age now is 56 years. He has not yet revealed his place of birth yet
  • He is the child of the famous singer,songwriter and a pianist Aretha Franklin and Ted White. It is revealed that his name was taken fro his dads name.
  • The net worth of Teddy Richards is not yet known by anyone but he has been living a luxurious life wiuth his family.
  • Ted White as the father of Teddy Richards was the first husband of Aretha Franklin. Aretha passed away on 16thy August by Pancreatic Cancer.
  • Teddy Richards completed and graduated from the Michigan State University.
  • Richards has released three albums and has even ,layed guitar for his mother before.
  • Teddy Richards Facebook account and Instagram accounts is not yet known but his Twitter account is very active.
  • His biography and information is not available on wikipedia.
  • Teddy Richards does not have a girlfriend but rather has married and has not yet revealed the name of her wife.
  • He is tall in height but his height has not been discovered yet.

Edward Franklin

Two years later, after the birth of Clarence, there welcomes her second born called Edward Franklin the son of Edward Jordan.

Aretha Franklin Children
The son of the famous singer Aretha Franklin, Edward Franklin performed at her mother’s funeral in 2018.
The present children

Edward Franklin is now 64 years of age and is remembered and recognized as one of the most remarkable singers in his own right.

Edward performs several and, major duets during the funeral rites of his grandfather in 2015 and also performed at his mother’s funeral in 2018.

5 Major facts about Edward Franklin

  • Edward performs several and, major duets during the funeral rites of his grandfather in 2015 and also performed at his mother’s funeral in 2018.

Aretha gave birth to Edward Franklin after the delivery of her son Clearance at “13” with a man called d Edward Jordan whom she describes and regards as a player. Edward and Clearance resemble each other and looks after Aretha’s grandmother called Rita and sister Emma as her recording career took off

  • Edward Franklin inherited his mother’s voice talent

He’s is extraordinary and astonished and amazing as he is able to sing on high notes as his mother used to do during her career as a fantastic and marvelous singer of all time.

The two [performed several and the same duets and Franklin sang at his grandfather Rev.C.L. Franklin on June 7, 2015.

His presentation and interpretation of Arethas favorite gospel song “His Eye Is On The Sparrow” draw many in tears and as a matter of fact he receives a “standing ovation”.

  • Edward was suspected of 2002 arson fire on Arethas sizeable mansion

Arethas 10,000 square foot Bloomfield collapsed and fell on the ground in the year 2002. Billboard investigated and reported that his son Edwards is suspected since the scene was found in his clothes.

  • Edward was a victim brutal beating attack

In 2010, Edward was at the Detroit gas and filling station and he was unfortunately attacked by two men and one woman he was injured and was quickly rushed to the hospital for medical assistance and attention.

  • Edward is the second among the four sons of Aretha.

Now Aretha married her first husband Ted White in 1961 when she was 19 years old and three years later gave birth to Teddy White Junior. The youngest among them is Kecalf Cunningham who was born in 197o. His father was the CEO and manager of Aretha’s road.

Clarence Franklin

Clearance us the oldest son of Aretha born in March 1942. Aretha was indisputable, respectable, and very honored in the United States of America but her life was very disorganized at her youngest age.

Aretha Franklin Children
Clarence Franklin(center) surrounded by attendees for the Aretha Franklin funeral
on August 31, 2018, in Detroit, Michigan ( present children )

Just before Aretha turns 13 in the year 12955, she got pregnant and gave birth to her first son Clarence Franklin.

She names her first son after her own successful and respectable man of God Reverend LaVaughn Franklin who is normally referred to as Rev. C.L. Franklin.

Aretha’s pregnancy which was not well planned faces a lot of challenges in her period at that time.

For about some years ago everybody knew that the father of Clarence was one particular and responsible man who use to hang out with Aretha at Arcadia. The man was called Donald Burke.

The year in which the was revealed is 2019. Arethas came across some written wills and opened the file where she found out the real father of Clarence who is Edward Jordan Sr.. the father of Aretha’s second son, Edward Jordan more on her wills later.

Kecalf Cunningham

Aretha Franklin Children
Kecalf Cunningham ( present children )

Facts about Kecalf Cunningham

Full name Kecalf Cunningham
First name Kecalf
Last name Cunningham
Profession rapper and hip-hop artists
Nationality American
Country United States
Father name Ken Cunningham
Mother name Aretha Franklin
Mother Profession singer, songwriter, pianist, actress, and civil rights activists
Gender Identity male
Orientation straight
Horoscope Aries
Marital Status Married
Spouse Kafi Franklin
Number of
Children 3
Siblings Teddy Richards, Edward Franklin, and Clarence Franklin
Date of
Birth March 28, 1970
Age 51 years

Net Worth

Cunningham is also a singer. His mother died and left $80 million net worth after her death. The mother earned that amount of money in her long singing career.

Kalf Cunningham’s net worth as of 2021 has been estimated to be $2 million whiles his late mother’s own is $80 million.

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