If you’re looking for the meaning of the ASMR, they are at the right place.

ASMR stand for autonomous sensory meridian response. You experience when watching entertaining video or when engaging in other activities that require a specific attention.

What is ASMR?

ASMR refers to the sensation that people experience when they watch exciting videos or engage in other activities that require particular attention. Many patients report the sensation as “tingles” running down the back of their heads and spines. Others describe the sensation as very soothing, even causing them to fall asleep.

Although the name ASMR may appear to be technical, the phenomenon is not supported by science or research. Jennifer Allen, who founded a Facebook page dedicated to learning more about the phrase, is thought to have coined it in 2010. People were quick to adopt the term since it gave them a method to express the pleasant sensation they were having.

ASMR meaning revealed.

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