The ten people who died at Travis Scott’s Astroworld Festival were all found to have suffered asphyxia, the cause of death for which is still under investigation. As of Friday, nine of the victims were children; three others were adults.

One person died of a combination of drugs and asphyxia. The other two deaths involved an adult who took drugs. The causes of death are not yet known, but a coroner’s report indicates that they were all accidental.

The cause of death for the 10 people killed at the Astroworld music festival is still being investigated, but the medical examiners have ruled it an accident. All 10 victims died after collapsing in the concert crowd. They were all pronounced dead by hospital staff.

The victims were taken to a local hospital to be evaluated. The deaths happened on November 5, while Travis Scott was performing at the third annual Astroworld music festival in Houston.

The festival was not the first such event in Houston, and the incident was largely understated. There was a frenzied atmosphere fueled by methamphetamines, alcohol, and cocaine.

The concert was an enormous hit and drew a huge crowd. Despite the overwhelming numbers, there was a high risk of asphyxia, a fatal condition that can occur from exposure to the crowd.

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