Ayesha Curry is an American actress, entrepreneur, cookbook author, and cookery TV personality who is most known for being Stephen Curry’s wife.

She began hosting her own show, Ayesha’s Homemade (a.k.a. Ayesha’s Home Kitchen), on Food Network after guest roles in various television shows and films. Her culinary career began in 2014, when she created her first meal as a YouTube demonstration on her channel Little Lights of Mine, despite having no formal chef training.

Curry has a YouTube channel called Little Lights of Mine and has written a cookbook called The Seasoned Life, which was released in 2016.

Ayesha has four siblings: Maria, Janiece, Jaz, and Chad. She is the daughter of John and Carol Alexander (née Chin). Her mother is of mixed African-American and Polish ancestry, and her father is of mixed African-American and Polish ancestry. She was born and lived in Toronto until she relocated to Charlotte, North Carolina, at the age of 14. She has had a passion for cooking since she was a child. Ayesha would observe as her babysitter cooked Trinidadian curry and roti and took it down to customers while her mother ran a salon in the basement of their house.

Meet Ayesha Curry children

Ayesha Curry’s children are Riley Elizabeth Curry, Ryan Carson Curry, and Canon W. Jack Curry.

She married NBA player Stephen Curry on July 30, 2011. When they were 15 and 14, they met at a Christian youth group in Charlotte. The two didn’t start dating until years later, when Ayesha was pursuing her acting career in Hollywood and Stephen was in town for an awards presentation. Ayesha returned to Charlotte soon after, close to Stephen’s college basketball team, Davidson College. They have three children together. They are currently residing in Atherton, California.

Curry is a Christian; of her faith, she said: “It’s the foundation for everything that I do, really. … With my relationship with my husband, it’s what it’s founded on.” She added that “[W]hen Steph decided to play basketball, I had the same conversation with him that he had with me. ‘Whatever you do, do it well, but do it for God.’ I think that’s what has kept us grounded. When I started my blog called ‘Little Lights of Mine,’ my whole goal was to do the things I wanted to do, but all while being a light for Him.”

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