In 1948, Babe Ruth was diagnosed with throat cancer.

His death was not a surprise, but the cause of his illness still baffled many. While there are no definitive answers, doctors believe that he likely aspirated food into his lungs.

While his cancer began in the nose and mouth, it spread throughout his body, destroying his nerves and causing his premature death.

The great baseball player returned to New York for the 1946 season, where he threw an inning of baseball in Yankee Stadium.

The following season, he threw a pitch in the World Series.

Unfortunately, he did not live to play another day.

His illness was first discovered in 1947, when he began suffering from a raspy voice. Later that year, he also had headaches and a constant, severe pain in his left eye.

His doctor told him he had sinusitis, which was caused by an infected tooth.

The doctor pulled three of Ruth’s teeth, but he felt much worse than before. He also found that he could not swallow food, which led to his death.

The cause of his death is still unknown, but it is believed that it was due to an infection that he had.

A tumor in the back of Ruth’s mouth is thought to have caused the condition. Upon autopsy, the doctors found that the cancer had spread to the lining of his throat, preventing him from breathing.

Because of his giant appetite, the cause of death was not a mystery. An expert pathologist determined that cancer was the cause of Ruth’s death.

While the cancer did not appear to be a direct result of his life, his cause of disease remains a mystery.

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