Badu Kobi must be sent to psychiatric hospital: Twene Jonas blasts Prophet over fake prophecy

Ghanaian Pastor, Emmanuel Kobi Badu prophesied that England will win Euro 2020. The video has goes viral after they lost. This is another proof that prediction is different from prophecy.

The Ghanaian Prophet, businessman, philanthropist and writer, Prophet Dr Emmanuel Kobi Badu is a very brave man. He is a man of timber and caliber. He is not an ordinary man.

Twene Jonas has lambasted Badu Kobi and asked Ghanaians to send him to “Psychiatric hospital.”

You see the problem with cash and carry prophesies?  What is the business of prophecy with football? Stop ridiculing the name of God,  God can’t be bought.
Prophesy is not emotion. It is not deceit.  It is to tell the people what pleases God and should be done or what displeases God and should be avoided, every other thing is only paraphernalia.

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And today the so called prophets concentrate on those externals while relegating the crux of what prophesy should be. They are the reason Christanity has been commercialised. Be mindful of whom you listen to in the name of preaching.

May people send themselves and go the extra mile of attacking the genuine and authentic messengers of the word of God, because of their material gains, just like Amos was attacked by Amaziah (Amos 7:10 ff). 
There is a huge difference between motivational speaking and preaching the word of God.

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Christ forewarned that many will come,  claiming to be sent by him and be preaching in his name,  but that we should give them no heed, for by their fruits you shall know them. The fruit is not material prosperity (even if it could be part of the fruits) but true and authentic faith that bears witness even in the face of difficulties and persecution.

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You can watch the video below

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