Bandō Minosuke II (born September 16, 1989, in Tokyo) is a Japanese actor, kabuki actor, and the main bassist of Band-ry.

Mitsuhisa Morita is his given name. He is the current and second bearer of the Kabuki moniker “Band Minosuke.” His yag is Yamatoya, and his family crest is Mitsudai. The Horipro Booking Agency represents him.

Early life

Band Mitsugor X is the oldest son of Band Mitsugor X and Hizuru Kotobuki, and Band Mitsugor IX is his grandfather.

With his true name Mitsuhisa Morita, he established an amateur band called Zero click in April 2006. Bandō was in charge of drumming, but he discontinued operations in March 2007 to allow members to take the university entrance test. He also has a band named KBK 48, which he formed alongside Yakusha and Tokoyama. Bandō has a drum set, eleven guitars, and other instruments in his house.

According to his father Mitsugor, Minosuke initially had difficulty becoming an actor because of the roughness of the home atmosphere and practice, but now he is motivated to make a shift to a kabuki manner.

Horikoshi High School’s Band pulled out.


The Kabuki-za “Band Mitsugor VIII J Nana-kai-ki Tsuizen” Kairaishi made his first visit in September 1991.

It is a tiny monkey of Shiba-za of Kabuki-za Yamato Kana Zai-gy Keizu (Ranpei Monogurai and Kotobuki Utsubo Zaru possibly the name of Band Minosuke as a proponent in November 1995.

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