Sheryl Leach through making his son Patrick Leech happy ended up cheering children worldwide up with her Barney creation. This article seeks to reveal some detailed facts about her. Kindly read a bit further to discover more;

Who is Sheryl Leach?

Sheryl Lyna Stamps Leach, born on December 31, 1952, is an American children’s TV show creator an author known for being the creator of the popular children’s show Barney & Friends.

Kathy Parker and Dennis DeShazer later joined her in creating the show. Leach left the show in 1998.

'Barney' creator Sheryl Leach: ex-husband, current partner, more
Sheryl Leach

Who was Sheryl Leach ex-husband?

Sheryl Leach was once married to Jim Leach, a man she married in the same year they met. The two met when she was working as a writer at DLM Inc., Sheryl and Jim gave birth to their son, Patrick in 1987.

Jim in conclusion with his wife, Sheryl, agreed to be a stay-at-home dad to take be with their son, Patrick, in the house so that he could take the optimum care of him while Sheryl worked on the Barney franchise. However, the unfortunate happened that the two divorced in 2001 with which it was found three (3) years later that Jim was died. Reports later indicated that he died out of suicide.

Who is Sheryl Leach current partner?

As of 2022, Sheryl Leach, the Barney creator is currently married to Howard Rosenfeld, with which the two have founded the private organisation known as the Shei’rah Foundation.

Sheryl has defined the main aim or objective of the Foundation that, it is to support projects in the media that spotlight the human spirit in a positive way.

Let’s now come down to Sheryl Leach’s basic detials. Kindly read a bit further to discover more;

Sheryl Leach age

Being born on December 31, 1952, Athens, Texas, United States, Sheryl Leach, is 70 years old as of 2022.

Sheryl Leach height and weight

The height and weight of Sheryl Leach, the creator of Barney, is not yet known.

Sheryl Leach education

Sheryl Leach acquired her high school education at Justin Kimbal High School where she later furthered it at Southern Methodist University.

Sheryl Leach children

Sheryl Leach is a mother of one, Patrick Leach. Patrick was born in 1987.

At the age of 27, Patrick allegedly shot his neighbour, Eric Shanks, in a driveway the two share at their luxury residential complexin Malibu. It was reported that the shooting occurred during an argument over a “trespassing issue.”

Patrick, who eventually pleaded not guilty, was able to post the $1 million bail on the same day of his arrest.

Sheryl Leach net worth 2022

As of 2022, Sheryl Leach, the Barney creator, is worth $20 million.


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