This article seeks to reveal the meaning of one of the most popular slangs, BBL, and other basic facts about it. Kindly read a bit further to discover more.

BBL simply stands for Brazilian Butt Lift. It is a gluteal fat grafting procedure that uses excess fat collected from other parts of the body to add buttock volume and projection, and/or perfect overall shape and symmetry.

Why is it called BBL?

In the year 1960, a surgeon, Ivo Pitanguy founded the world’s first plastic surgery training centre in Brazil, where he pioneered what became known as the Brazilian butt lift, where he taught surgeons all over the world how to perform his techniques.

Why is BBL popular?

BBL is believed to have gained it popularity due to its procedure’s visibility on social media and in popular culture.

When did BBL become popular?

The BBL which simply means Brazilian Butt Lift also known as fat grafting to the buttocks, gained popularity in the 1980s.

In a research published by a surgeon, Dr. Pitanguy on aesthetic surgery of the gluteal region in the year 1971 and 1984, contained reference to other surgeons using the fat grafting technique starting in the year 1985.

How much does BBL cost?

Though the cost of an item varies among regions, the cost of BBL can be estimated on an average in the USA as of 2022.

On average, most of butt lifts cost between $2,000 and $12,000 with an average cost around $6,500. Just as cost of an item varies, so do BBL among surgeons.


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