Be careful with the cartoons your kids watch: Latest Superman is bisexual

The issue of gays seems to have taken the centre stage in the Ghanaian media space for over a week now.

Sam George, a proponent of the anti LGBTQ bill and a legislator has being tirelessly propagating the message of resistance and urging Ghanaians not to support this diabolical act.

Reports on the phenomenon indicate that over 90% of Ghanaians abhor the community, then why should it be legalized if majority are not in favor of it?

The problem with many in favor of this act is that they are obsessed with homosexuality hence their sense of reasoning is super clouded and have suggested any bill passed will be against human rights.

Ask yourself whether laws against murder, robbery, rape, etcetera has equally prevented anybody from becoming a murderer, or rapist or a robber.

No law can prevent crime absolutely but should we say laws for that matter are useless? Absolutely NO. Laws are made to control crime to a certain minimum limit but not absolutely.

Fast Forward, it is reported the New Superman Comes Out As Bisexual In An Upcoming Comic. A male reporter announced this week that Jon Kent, the son of original Superman Clark Kent and journalist Lois Lane, turns out to be bisexual in DC Comics’ latest iteration of the superhero’s adventures. 

This is getting ridiculous now and they should just leave things the way they are since kids don’t understand about sexuality, just let kids just be kids. Whiles Parents are expecting characters who are bold, independent, strong and courageous because these are the types of role models kids are looking up, they rather want to enforce Gayism on young kids. 

Stop pushing your way of life on everybody. It’s wonderful for you to have a life that you chose but many don’t think their children need to learn about this at a young age.

There are laws in the Constitution concerning unnatural canal knowledge. Our traditional laws, also entirely abhors it. Not to talk of Biblical laws and Quranic laws.

For the fact that many foreign countries don’t have any such laws doesn’t imply Ghanaians go by their laws or standards. Our culture is the very root of our identity as humans, and as such Proud Ghanaians.


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