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Be proud of yourself, False beliefs about super plus sizes models in Ghana

I quiet remember as a boy when my auntie called me one day and advised me me never to marry a plus size Lady or big lady.

Her reason was that they pass wind or fart in the night hence, that makes then unqualified candidates for marriage.

These misconceptions or false beliefs have crept into the Ghanaian society. This article seeks to urge readers to discard such misconceptions. Below are some misconceptions.

1) Plus Sizes or fat Ladies Pass wind: This is totally false. Anybody can fart and slim Ladies fart too. Such lies should be ignored.

2)Plus sizes have body odour: This is also false as body odour natural exist with humans when bacteria in your body gets into contact with sweat. Its not peculiar to plus sizes alone.

3)Plus sizes snore: Another fabricated lie. Snoring can occur and it’s a medical condition which can be treated. Anybody can snore so disregard such lies attributed to fat Ladies.

4)Plus sizes are lazy: Many are of the view that their heavy bodies calls for regular sleep hence, they are lazy. False lie Plus sizes can really work hard OK.

5)Plus sizes or fat Ladies are “dirty”: Most Ghanaians believe that fat Ladies are lazy hence they are dirty and not domesticated enough to be chosen as wives. They can’t perform household chores. This is false, plus sizes are exceptional when it comes to performing at home.

These misconceptions accepted into the Ghanaian society have pushed fat Ladies to the extreme of resorting to surgery to change their look and enhance their images. If you have any thought of such nature please stop. You are perfect just the way you are.

I encourage plus sizes not to give up in life and that they can be anything they want to be in this life. You should be confident and love yourself no matter what people say. It seems most big have low self esteem about themselves. The only way out is to love yourself and step out like these ladies.

Guys reading should not shy away from fat Ladies due to public sentiments. Plus sizes are the best, be bold to marry one and you won’t regret it. Real men eat meat not bones. Below are some gorgeous photos from these elegant babies.

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