Good Night and God Bless You Quotes

Sending a good night greeting and prayers to your loved ones shows that you care about them, and we’re here to help you discover those lovely words in those touching good night God bless you quotes.

Good Night and God Bless You Quotes to Husband

• Goodnight, my paradise, God bless you and know that I will always be yours.

• May the Lord take away all your sorrows, and may you wake up tomorrow morning feeling lovely and rejuvenated, goodnight darling, I love you.

• Dear darling, thank you for all you’ve done for me; I’ll always love you with all my heart; good night and God bless your heart; I’ll be listening to your beautiful voice again tomorrow morning.

• The night may be chilly, so keep your blanket close by, but finally, dream lovely of me, for you know I’d always dream of you. Good night, my unique heart, and may God’s infinite compassion be with you.

• A night without you beside me is like a night without the beauty of the stars and moonlight. I pray that God will bless your night, and I love you, my darling.

• Tonight, be my lovely dreams, and tomorrow morning, be my sunlight; you are the greatest husband who respects his wife the best; thank God I married you; goodnight, my superhero; I live for you.

• The lovely memories of being in your arms every night before I sleep are something that has filled my heart and that I will never forget. Darling, I miss you so much, goodnight, and God bless your night.

• Greetings, dear. I’m about to fall asleep, but I can’t stop thinking about you; your sweet thought has been with me all day. I simply wanted to let you know that you are so important to me that I am putting you in God’s hands, goodnight my spider guy.

• Ever since I met you, you’ve inspired me to believe in real love; I still can’t believe you’re mine; goodnight, my angel; may the Lord protect you through his Mercy; I love you; cheer.

• I’m smiling sweetly as I type this goodnight text to you because I know you love me; aren’t you missing me? I wish I could discover the magic that would transport me to where you are right now, but in the meanwhile, I wish you a beautiful night filled with God’s splendor, I love you, and goodnight.

• I never imagined I’d be living with an angel one day; you are nothing short of an angel; thank you for giving pleasure to my heart every day; goodnight, my love; I will adore you forever.

• Thousands of miles may divide you and me this evening, but it doesn’t mean your love isn’t close to my heart. I love you as much as this night loves the moonlight, and I hope you love me as much as I love you. I just want to wish you a good night and God bless you.

• I want to be in your arms again when tomorrow arrives, but for now, enjoy the freshness and serenity of this night, wishing you God’s mercy and blessings, good night my hero.

• As the sun sets, I hope that you will sleep well and awake rejuvenated to face another day tomorrow, good night my paradise, I will always love you forever.

• You brought pleasure to my heart in every way; have the most wonderful night ever, my sunshine.

• I’m lucky to have you; you’re the greatest thing that’s ever happened to me; goodnight, my beautiful kiss; I’m thinking about you.

• Even in my deep slumber, it is only your voice that rings a bell in my heart; you are my angel sent from heaven, goodnight my happy heart.

• Just start thinking about me tonight when you shut your eyes to sleep, that’s precisely what I’d do for you, always and forever yours, good night cheerful heart.

• I know the night will be as peaceful and lovely as it always has been, but I want you to know that I adore you and that you will always be the last thing in my thoughts before I go to sleep, goodnight dear Candy.

• Do you realize how much I appreciate you, my husband? I treasure you as much as the full moon does, but keep in mind that it shines brightly in every corner of the globe; enjoy the cold night air, good night.

Good Night and God Bless You Quotes to Wife

• I knew I’d never love another woman when I met you 15 years ago, and I cherish every single minute we spent together. I may be far from home this night, but your beautiful thought filled my heart like the Pacific Ocean’s waves. Be blessed, God protect you, and goodnight.

• When you see the stars sparkle in the sky, know that I’m waving you goodnight; you’ll be my lovely dreams, goodnight love, feel fortunate.

• I’ll never forget that I have an incredible wife like you, I’ll always love you, I wish I could see your lovely eyes now before I go to sleep, I miss you, goodnight dear baby, I love you.

• You are everything that brings pleasure to my heart; loving you has been the greatest gift of my life; I never spend a day without praying for you; have a beautiful sleep, my darling wife.

• You taught me all I know about being a wonderful husband, and I want you to know that no matter what happens in life, I will always be there for you. Free your heart and sleep well goodnight.

• I just want to tell you that you are lovely before you go to sleep, goodnight my darling.

• I don’t care what tomorrow brings as long as I see you there, I’m sure everything will be OK; good night, my queen.

• I want to spend the rest of my life with you since no one else compares to you; I treasure you like the oxygen I breathe, good night my love.

• You are the most beautiful queen in the world on the exterior, and I think you are more beautiful on the inside than you are on the outside, so keep being a wonderful wife, good night, and dream sweetly of me.

• My heart is full of your love, and I want you to enjoy another night because I thank God for two gifts this night: the gift of having you as my wife and the gift of this beautiful night. Best goodnight to you smiles, and sleep tight.

• In my heart, there is something brighter than this night moonlight, and that is your love; may the Lord keep you safe from every evil of the night, sleep tight, and wake up looking as fresh and lovely as ever tomorrow morning, I love you.

• Good night, my angel; may this night refresh and revitalize your heart; just wanted to let you know that I’m thinking of you right now and wishing you a great night; I love you.

• My darling, I wish I was lying by your side right now, goodnight my love, wishing you a wonderful night.

• Greetings, I’ve been searching for the right phrase to express how much you mean to me, and I’m not sure I’ll be able to sleep tonight night without you by my side; you’d be in my lovely dreams, and you’d dream of me as well, good night.

• As lovely and magnificent as you are, I wish you a wonderful night, wishing you God’s love and protection. Goodnight, my lovely queen.

• We have no power of our own save what God has given us; thank God for the wonderful gift of this night, the glittering stars, and shining moon; may the night’s benefits materialize in our lives tomorrow; sleep tight, my darling; have a lovely night.

• Just as my day was filled with your lovely thoughts, I know my night will be filled with your lovely dreams; feel the warmth of my love in your heart, goodnight darling, I miss you.

• I’m going to bed now, and I hope you are as well; I pray that the Lord blesses us with a lovely night and that the Lord fill our hearts with pleasure when we wake up tomorrow morning to see the dawn; you are the best for me, good night my darling.

• If there is one thing I want to do with my life more than anything else, it is to spend every night by your side; I adore the fragrance of your skin and the beautiful smiles that put my heart in a lovely mood for a good night’s sleep; goodnight my fortunate wife, I will always love you with all my heart.

• I can feel every inch of your love close to my heart standing by my window, looking out on the shining moonlight, I would always cherish you, and I know that one day I would never have to spend the night alone, wishing you God’s blessings, enjoy the cool night breeze, and make sure you dream sweetly of me, I love you.

• God gave you to me just when I thought I had lost everything in my life; words cannot express how much I love you, and as you shut your lovely eyes to sleep tonight, I hope that all your beautiful dreams come true tomorrow; goodnight my treasured gift, I love you.

• Keeping you in the almighty God’s hands as we travel through the night, hoping that the Lord heals our souls so that we may have another lovely day tomorrow, good night my heart.

• Good day, honey! I want you to look out the window at the lovely sky just before you go to sleep, can you see the moonlight shining brilliantly, that’s how your love shines in my heart, goodnight sweetie, have a wonderful sleep, I love you.

Good Night and God Bless You Quotes to Friends

• Goodnight, my dear buddy; may the Lord bless you with a lovely night and a beautiful day the next morning.

• You must have had a long day; now is the time to relax and unwind; a lovely day awaits you tomorrow; nevertheless, for now, enjoy your night, good night buddy.

• I’m very fortunate to have such a great friend as you; all I want to say is a good night, and never give up on your beautiful dreams; a nice day awaits your heart tomorrow morning; have a happy night.

• You are here this night because the Lord has blessed your heart; continue to be wonderful exactly as you are; I hope that this night brings you pleasure and inspiration; see you tomorrow morning; goodnight.

• There are people in our lives that we can’t forget; they bring us good news and blessings, and you are one of them. Goodnight, my friend; may the Lord make it a beautiful night for you.

• The wonderful memories we build with our friends are what make our lives amazing; thank you for being a part of every journey of my life; God is with you; good night.

• Most friends are like families we never had, blood brothers and sisters, and you are more than a friend to me, goodnight.

• Just as my day would be incomplete without you, my night would be incomplete without saying goodbye to such a great friend as you.

• Many people believe that there are no decent friends left in the world; I disagree; I have one great friend who makes every minute of my life worthwhile, and that friend is you; thank you for everything, goodnight.

• Why do others go to the bar to find pleasure, while I stay at home? I’ll always adore you, my buddy, as long as I live, goodnight my angel.

• A good friend is worth more than all the money and diamonds in the world; they are like a brilliant light in our hearts, thank you for all your love and care, goodnight.

• You are love and compassion, light and serenity, my heart’s dearest friend, thank God I found you, goodnight.

• A beautiful night has arrived, and as I reflect on the events of the day, I can’t help but thank you for all of your support and care; may the Lord continue to shine his light in your life, goodnight my friend.

• Sleep is medicine for the body and spirit; don’t worry about tomorrow; just sleep now and get all the rest you need; God will take care of your tomorrow; goodnight, dear friend.

• What a lovely time to leave for tomorrow; wishing you a lovely night, and may you arise full of life and vitality tomorrow morning.

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